The Patriot Post® · Sports Illustrated Objectifies the Objectionable

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue features a “transgender” model on the cover. The model, Leyna Bloom, is a black and Asian biological male, and he is being used by the brass at SI to further the Left’s ideological attack against society’s and humanity’s historical and biological understanding of sex. That reality is demonstrated by the magazine’s theme: “Opening Eyes, Speaking Truths and Changing Minds.”

In reality, SI and Bloom are involved in doing just the opposite. They’re attempting to hide — or, as the colloquialism of the day puts it, “redefine” — the clear objective nature of sex distinctions inherent in the human species, which makes the reality of procreation even possible. Bloom is a man who’s obviously spent a few bucks to make himself look like a woman, and he’s suffering from gender dysphoria. How’s that for speaking the truth? Truth changing minds is a good thing. The dissemination of blatant lies as if they were “truth” and using bullying and deceptively coercive tactics in order to get people to accede to a lie produces not a changed mind but a manipulated droid.

“Transgender” activism has eroded the societal boundaries marking the inherent distinctions between the sexes. The predicted result of this is that women, the “weaker sex” that has historically and culturally been protected by men, are now being subjected to abuse and victimization by men — ironically, the very type of male dominance feminists sought to highlight and bring to an end.

The egalitarian ideal is being exposed under the reality of biological distinctions despite the claims of the “transgender” activists. So, even in the area of the rank objectification of women, a man has now taken the cake, as it were. It is a mad, mad world we are living in.