The Patriot Post® · Green America Feeds Red China

By Lewis Morris ·

Joe Biden has managed to fundamentally reverse America’s energy fortunes in a remarkably short time. When Donald Trump left office, America was a net energy exporter, something that hadn’t happened in the entirety of Biden’s half-century in politics. Gas prices were reasonable, and America was leading the way toward cheaper, cleaner energy.

But Biden, at the direction of his leftist overlords, is intent on smashing all of that. And, unfortunately for America, he is succeeding. If current White House policy continues, America will relinquish all its energy gains, all while subsidizing the worldwide energy dominance of China and Russia.

For starters, consider the Democrat goal of eliminating fossil fuel carbon emissions from electricity production in 14 years. That would require converting 60% of our electricity-generating power plants. Thank goodness there’s nuclear power to take up the slack.

Just kidding.

Nuclear is out — way out. The greens hate nuclear as much as they hate fossil fuels, even though it is the safest, most potent form of energy we have. We can barely keep open the nuclear plants we have now. So good luck trying to get a new one built, let alone a whole wave of nuke plants that would be needed to replace the fossil fuel-fired electricity plants that Democrats want closed.

No, according to the greens and the Democrats, the only way forward is wind and solar. This is foolish in the extreme. It’s simply not currently possible to power the entire country on windmills and solar panels — not to mention Democrats want to force the entire U.S. automotive fleet to convert to electric by 2035. The cost for all that additional demand would be astronomical and lead to a level of economic upheaval from which the United States may not recover. The greens say it would be worth it to save the Earth. But would it save the Earth?

No, not even close. Because while America has led the world in carbon emissions reduction for two full decades, we are but one piece of the pie. China, Russia, and India are emitting CO2 at record levels, and the trend shows no sign of abating. China, in fact, is on a coal spree, building on average one new coal-fired power plant every week. Russia’s Vladimir Putin shows zero interest in saving the climate, and India, the world’s second most populous country, is in an ecological tailspin.

What makes this tale a Shakespearean tragedy is that China has cornered the world market on solar panel production and will soon do the same with wind turbines if left unchecked. But wait, there’s more. China is using its fossil fuel-heavy industry and slave labor pulled from its persecuted Uyghur Muslim population to build the solar panels that it is selling to the U.S. Just how does that settle with the social justice warriors in our midst? Probably just fine since “journalists” have done their part to bury the truth about China’s evil regime and leftists are really in it just to gain power and make themselves feel better.

Biden’s energy plan, which fulfills the wish list of the Left, is diametrically opposed to everything the U.S. needs from its energy policy. It is cost-prohibitive, it relies on government subsidies to drive an industry that does much better when left alone, it shatters American energy independence, and it will have no net positive impact on the environment.

Other than that, it should work out fine.

The energy plan in place before Biden came along wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. Now Biden’s fix is going to need a fix — a big one.