The Patriot Post® · California Law Forbids Teaching Communism

By Emmy Griffin ·

There’s a difference between teaching the philosophical, political, and economical contexts of history versus using revisionism and sins of history as a tool with which to bludgeon students. The latter, a.k.a Critical Race Theory (CRT), is infiltrating the classrooms of young people — even kindergarteners.

CRT is a worldview originating in Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory and Antonio Gramsci’s ideas about hegemony, which were synthesized by thinkers at the Frankfurt School into what is known in collegiate circles as Critical Theory.

As defined by the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs:

CRT recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalized people of color. CRT also rejects traditions of liberalism and meritocracy. Legal discourse says that the law is neutral and color blind, however, CRT challenges this legal “truth” by examining liberalism and meritocracy as a vehicle for self interest, power, and privilege.

Marxism sought to start a class war between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. In like fashion, CRT seeks to start a race war by labeling the institutions and dominant culture as “racist.” Same garbage, different label.

Many states — including our home of Tennessee — have already banned the teaching of this ideology, with many other states debating on taking the same stance. Dissenters on the Left argue that this is unprecedented and that CRT only seeks to teach a “fair” view of history. Having precedence in the law is very important, especially if this fight goes as high as the Supreme Court.

Ironically, California has actually already set a precedent for states banning CRT.

The California Education Code states the fireable offenses for public school teachers. This includes being a communist.

Per Section 51530: “No teacher giving instruction in any school, or on any property belonging to any agencies included in the public school system, shall advocate or teach communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism.” It goes on to clarify that California does not prohibit the teaching of the “facts about communism,” thus making a distinction between teaching history and forcing students to view history through the lens of communism.

There have been many attempts to overturn this law, but none have succeeded. This is most notable, since every time repeal is brought up, the main reason it’s shut down is because of the large population in California that fled from communist regimes.

And make no mistake: CRT, as it is being taught in K-12 classrooms, is communist indoctrination.

The California precedent — which was made law in the 1970s — is one upon which other states can stand against CRT. The message to those states still sitting on the fence? Keep this horrid ideology out of our schools — and use a blue-state precedent to do it.