The Patriot Post® · Americans Pay High Cost for Biden's Border Crisis

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Joe Biden’s border crisis has reached critical levels, as demonstrated by the ever-increasing numbers of illegal aliens flowing over the southern border. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents encountered a 21-year high of 210,000 illegal border crossers in July — now more than a million in the last six months have responded to Biden’s open border invitation. And that does not count all those who got away. July also set a new monthly record for the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended (over 19,000). Oh, and there’s a spiking number of COVID-positive illegal migrants (up over 900%), with Texas now setting new infection records.

The situation has gotten so bad that a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower recently contacted Republican lawmakers detailing the Biden administration’s attempts to circumvent U.S. law. In a letter, GOP House Members Jim Jordan (OH), Tom McClintock (CA), and Matt Rosendale (MT) allege, “We have learned recently from a frontline whistleblower that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is ignoring COVID-19 protocols to facilitate the surge of illegal aliens into the country.”

The lawmakers’ letter asserts, “The whistleblower explained that ‘numerous aliens with standing prior orders of removal are being released from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody … in direct violation of 8 USC 1231(a)(5),' the federal law that requires an alien’s final order of removal to be reinstated.” They further add: “The whistleblower explained that CBP is turning over only about 25 percent of illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for detention, and that most have been released for absurd reasons including high body mass index. The whistleblower said that illegal aliens are literally eating themselves to obesity in order to be released.”

In other words, Biden’s DHS is looking for almost any excuse to avoid deporting illegal aliens, instead releasing them into the American population.

The result of such a lax and effectively criminal enforcement policy was recently brought home with a recent report from the Texas Rangers. It was recorded that from June of 2011 to June of 2021, more than 344,000 criminal aliens were arrested for crimes including 1,245 homicides, 66,924 assaults, 17,456 burglaries, 7,076 sexual assaults, and 980 kidnappings to name a few. And this was just in the state of Texas. As the Texas Department of Public Safety pointedly observed, the report “identifies thousands of crimes that should not have occurred and thousands of victims that should not have been victimized because the perpetrator should not be here.” Indeed, several hundred people would still be alive.

It comes as no surprise that there are now calls for Biden’s impeachment. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) on Monday called for the impeachment of both Biden and his DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, stating, “Over the past several months, President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have blatantly and consistently refused to do their constitutional duty to take care that the immigration laws be faithfully executed, as required by Article II, endangering countless American and foreign lives in the process.”

While attempting to couch their border policy as “humane,” Biden administration “do-gooders” are engaged in doing the exact opposite. Border Patrol facilities for housing illegals are overcrowded and bursting at the seams. If kids in cages were supposedly terrible during Donald Trump’s tenure, they’ve only gotten exponentially worse under Biden. And on top of this, there’s the rampant spread of COVID.

Aside from the plight faced by illegal migrants, there’s the shameful spreading of crime and disease via the Biden administration’s catch-and-release policy. Rather than seeking to secure the border first in order to better handle the illegal immigration problem, Biden insists on propping the gate wide open. His administration ridiculously asserts that the key to stopping the migrant flow and solving the “root cause” is found in sending billions of taxpayer dollars to corrupt Central American governments. Therefore, not only is Biden turning a blind eye to what should be his first priority — the plight of everyday American citizens who are experiencing higher levels of crime due to his open-borders policy — but he’s robbing American taxpayers to essentially reward corrupt governments for their failed economic policies. Biden should be held to account for his willful dereliction of duty.