The Patriot Post® · Why Black and White Relations Hit a New Low

By Brian Mark Weber ·

On a daily basis, we’re told that race relations are worse than ever.

But in the real world outside of the media bubble, millions of black and white Americans work, play, study, worship, and live together in peace. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues or problems to be resolved, but today’s media have created an alternate universe that doesn’t reflect reality.

Indeed, in that alternate universe, it sure does feel like something is wrong. And that’s thanks entirely to the divisive efforts of Democrats and their media mouthpieces. Given the 24/7 propaganda, it’s no wonder we’ve seen a shift in the way everyone perceives race in America.

A recent Gallup poll, for example, reveals that as recently as 2013, 70% of U.S. adults viewed race relations in a positive light. Today, that number is only 42%.

No, America hasn’t become more “systemically racist” in the past eight years. We’ve just been led to believe it. The division plays right into the hands of the Marxist Democrats who benefit from a nation in chaos, even if the chaos also hurts people of color in the process (as it almost always does.)

It’s shameful that some of our fellow citizens seek to tear apart the fabric we’ve worked so hard to mend throughout our history. But like anything else that comes from radical leftists, it’s not that hard to figure out their long-term objective.

Leftist race-baiter B. Duncan Moench penned an article, titled “Americans Hate Each Other,” in which he concluded that the only answer to this problem is to dissolve the United States and “start an American Union that works more like its European counterpart.”

As they say, the devil lies in the details.

Moench doesn’t think we’re smart enough to see that the breakdown of our society and institutions is the objective of the radical leftists champing at the bit to take power when it all comes tumbling down. As the inimitable Thomas Sowell wrote a few years back: “Mob rule is not democracy. It threatens democracy, as it threatens lives — black or white.”

Race hustlers like Ibrim X. Kendi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders hope America dissolves so they can create a new world built on Marxist lies. And let’s not forget that it was Barack Obama who promised a post-racial America only to spout identity politics from the White House.

But this is about much more than dividing us along racial lines; it’s about a broader effort to turn America against its history, institutions, and traditions. Americans are now taught to hate those things and seek their remaking, revising, or outright destruction.

The poll isn’t surprising. For too long we’ve been told America is a country built on lies and designed to oppress anyone who isn’t white. Every instance of real racism is exaggerated, while progress is swept under the rug by journalists and politicians.

As Sowell biographer and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason R. Riley writes: “The political left has a stake in overstating both the existence and effects of racism so that it can advocate for more and bigger programs to combat it. And the media has long been willing to do the left’s ideological bidding. Social media allows for wide publicity of statistically rare incidents.‘”

Consequently, the media have the power to frame opinions and conversations and influence the way we think and interact with one another. But we can’t afford to let them divide us any longer.

We’re truly at a crossroads. Americans can either let the powerful media and political elites convince us that we hate each other, or we can ignore them and continue the progress we’ve made toward building a colorblind society.