The Patriot Post® · Profiles of Valor: U.S. Army Sgt. Jack Bodani


Then-Specialist Jack Bodani of the United States Army was on patrol in Afghanistan marking mine fields, when an IED tore through his Humvee, injuring all of the soldiers inside. Waiting insurgents immediately directed small arms fire and mortar rounds at the wounded convoy. Burned on his ears and legs and initially knocked out by the blast, Bodani was the first soldier away from the vehicle, but when he realized there was a soldier unaccounted for he returned to give aid.

With the help of his gunner, Bodani saved the soldier stuck in the Humvee just before the heat from the fire began setting off ordnance and rifle ammunition in the vehicle. As the soldiers gathered under cover, they found that the only one with a weapon was the medic, who was running toward the Humvee. However, she fell wounded as well. Bodani raced over, picked up her and her rifle and got her to safety while returning fire on the enemy.

Because of his courageous actions no American soldiers were lost that day. Bodani, now a Sergeant, was awarded the Bronze Star with combat ā€œVā€ for valor.