The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia COVID Smear Campaign Against FL and TX

By Thomas Gallatin ·

As our readers know, the moniker “Leftmedia” is used to illuminate the fact that “news” outlets act primarily not to provide accurate and unbiased coverage of the news but to push a leftist agenda. It would be hyperbolic to suggest that Leftmedia outlets don’t present any news at all; it’s just usually carefully selected news infused with a major leftist twist.

Pushing a narrative-based agenda over and against simply reporting the news more often than not results in misleading and downright fake news. And reporting on COVID has taken this problem to even higher levels of what can only be described as leftist propaganda.

Take the Leftmedia’s recent attacks on the Republican governors of Florida (Ron DeSantis) and Texas (Greg Abbott). Both governors have steadfastly opposed the Biden administration’s unscientific fearmongering regarding COVID; both governors have fought to protect the Liberty of their states’ residents by guarding against mask and vaccination mandates; and both governors have sought to keep the citizens of their states fully informed regarding the latest genuine data known about the novel coronavirus, trusting their constituents to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

The result of DeSantis and Abbott’s commitment to protect and uphold their citizens’ constitutional rights has been for them to be made targets of the Biden administration and its Leftmedia cohorts.

Regarding Governor Abbott, the Texas Tribune was forced to issue a massive correction to a story in which it erroneously claimed that the state’s number of children hospitalized for COVID over the prior week had surpassed 5,800. This data was quickly spread across social media as supportive evidence that Abbott’s banning of mask mandates for school children was literally causing a massive spread of COVID infections in children. Some leftist talkingheads claimed that Abbott was leading a “death cult.”

However, Abbott’s actions had done nothing to increase the number of hospitalized children. In fact, the 5,800 figure was the total number of Texas children hospitalized with COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. In other words, the Tribune had taken 18 months of hospitalization numbers and crunched them all into a one-week time frame (accidentally, of course), all in order to seed the false claim that Abbott was endangering children by banning school mask mandates.

Again, it’s not just Abbott who has been falsely smeared with the Leftmedia’s “death cult” talking point. Governor DeSantis has received the same treatment. CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta suggested that the COVID Delta variant should be called the “DeSantis variant.” Associated Press “journalist” Jonathan Lemire puts DeSantis on the top of his “governors making people sick” list. Other leftists joined the foray. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, falsely claimed that DeSantis is leading a “disinformation campaign” that is hurting people. Her bogus claim was gleefully “reported” as news.

What this all demonstrates is that the Leftmedia is only concerned with promoting leftist politics, full stop. When it comes to spreading misinformation, disinformation, or downright fake news, none of it is out of bounds as far as the Leftmedia is concerned.