The Patriot Post® · Biden Inflates Food Stamps 30%

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Why work for food when the government will just give it to you? The Biden administration has announced its plan to increase the amount of taxpayer money redistributed for food stamps. The program officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) currently has 42 million recipients, and they’ll be getting a payout boost of nearly 30%. We know Joe Biden’s caused a major inflation problem, but this is ridiculous.

One of government’s oldest welfare programs, SNAP will increase its monthly monetary distribution to food stamps from the pre-pandemic level of $121 per person up to $157 per person. This is not a temporary shift, but in fact a permanent one. The Biden administration is pushing not only to ensure that those already on food stamps continue to stay on them, but it’s also encouraging even more folks to hop on the government dole.

This serves as yet another underhanded effort by Biden to force a $15 minimum wage by continuing to ensure that would-be workers are priced out of the available job market. What incentive does an individual have to get a job that will effectively pay less than what the government will give them?

Donald Trump worked hard to get the economy roaring, which helped enable people to get off government welfare programs like SNAP. After Barack Obama increased the number of individuals on SNAP to a peak of 47 million, Trump’s economy reduced the total number down to 36 million. This in turn cut government’s cost down to just over $60 billion per year prior to COVID. Of course, getting people off welfare and less dependent on the government is exactly the opposite of what Biden and the Democrats want, because the party thrives on creating government dependency.

The bigger problem facing the country is the burgeoning inflation balloon, and it appears that rather than seek to tackle that looming problem, the Biden administration has elected to blow even more air into it. The calculation must be that once the balloon pops, even more people will be forced to seek help from the government, giving Democrats ever more power.

Never mind the fact that Democrat-run urban poverty plantations like Baltimore and Chicago are some of the most crime-ridden societal disasters in the country. As long as statists in power are doling out welfare checks to the unemployed, they’re content, because they get to play savior — albeit with money taken from hardworking Americans.