The Patriot Post® · Toxic Double Standards Get More Blatant

By Harold Hutchison ·

Your Patriot Post team has warned of the toxic effect that double standards can have on the United States of America. Well, grassroots Patriots have even more reason to be skeptical about just how fair the playing field is based on new evidence that is emerging on a number of fronts.

Let’s take the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. When one compares it to some other high-profile shootings, like the Michael Brown case, for instance. Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department went through an ordeal, even though Brown had tried to take his gun, an action that warrants the use of deadly force.

Did Wilson ever get the “puff piece” interview with Lester Holt that the cop who pulled the trigger on Ashli Babbitt did? Many of the voices who condemned the clearly justified actions of Wilson also seemed to have no problems with the shooting of Babbitt. If anything, if it had been Donald Trump’s reelection that would have been confirmed by the electoral vote count, and a Capitol Police officer had fired a fatal shot in circumstances similar to those surrounding Ashli Babbitt, how would that have been covered by the biased media outlets?

The toxic double standards don’t stop there. We could also look at a tale of two lieutenant colonels. Marine Stuart Scheller called for accountability in the wake of the horrific bombing that killed 10 Marines, two soldiers, and a Navy corpsman during the dishonorable debacle caused by Joe Biden’s betrayal in Afghanistan and was immediately fired. He now expects to be court-martialed.

Contrast that to the hero treatment Alexander Vindman got for what Byron York describes as his political gamesmanship on behalf of the deep state. Never mind that Vindman was among a bunch of bureaucrats actively undermining his commander-in-chief. Just imagine the way the usual suspects at MSNBC would have reacted if Vindman had tried to mess with Barack Obama’s Iran giveaway or Iraq withdrawal the way he did with Trump’s policy vis-à-vis Ukraine.

Speaking of Trump’s Ukraine policy, remember how so many of those “news” outlets harped on that phone call with Ukraine’s president? Well, consider the lack of curiosity about Biden’s phone call this past July with the president of Afghanistan, one in which he allegedly expressed knowledge of the precarious situation preceding the dishonorable debacle the pullout became. If Biden is held to the standard Democrats demanded of Trump, he’d be impeached and removed.

When combined with the many earlier cases of double standards, not to mention the lies and hateful rhetoric, abuses, and other assaults that defy any sense of fairness or common sense, it’s clear that much of the establishment media — and other defenders of so-called “norms” — have been running on double standards for a long time. The thing is, grassroots Patriots are tired of it, and they’re increasingly losing respect for those who not only impose double standards but also those who refuse to call them out. In the long run, that will have some dire consequences for the country.