The Patriot Post® · Thursday Executive News Summary

By Jordan Candler ·


  • Congressional negotiators inevitably fail to reach a deal on police reform (NPR)

  • Jen Psaki blames Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Biden refusing to take questions (Daily Wire)

  • Feds give abortion mill Planned Parenthood millions in pandemic relief after ruling it ineligible for government aid (Free Beacon)

  • EPA orders slash in hydrofluorocarbons used in air-conditioning and refrigeration (CNBC)


  • DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says “borders are not open,” which is news to hundreds of thousands of border-crossers (New York Post) | Border encounters this fiscal year are higher than the population of 11 states and Washington, DC (Hot Air)

  • We’re shocked — shocked! Afghan refugees face federal charges after trying to rape child, strangle woman in Wisconsin (Daily Wire)

  • Defense bill that would unwisely make women register for draft largely supported by Republicans (Washington Examiner)


  • Federal Reserve signals rate rises possible next year (WSJ)

  • Existing-home sales recede 2.0% in August (NAR)

  • Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot wants to give poor families $500-a-month universal basic income, which will surely solve the problem of gang violence and drugs (Not the Bee)

Annals of “Social Justice”

  • Dumb and dumber: ACLU edits Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pro-abortion words in the wokest way (Fox News)

  • Perpetually divisive Ben & Jerry’s declares policing "violent, racist, ineffective, and punitive" (Fox Business)

  • “Not inclusive” Chick-fil-A booted from group of proposed restaurants operating at Kansas City International Airport (Fox Business)

  • In response to Texas pro-life law, dating app OkCupid creates “pro-choice” badge option (Daily Wire)

Annals of Integrity

  • Coaches at a Tennessee school were told not to lead students in prayer so the students went ahead and led it themselves (Not the Bee)


  • FDA authorizes Pfizer booster shots for seniors and high-risk people (Fox Business)

  • Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban more liberal than limits in France and Germany (Washington Times)

  • There are far more defensive gun uses than murders in America. Here’s why you rarely hear of them. (RealClearInvestigations)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Immigration yes, multiculturalism no: America benefits from immigration — when it thoroughly vets newcomers (City Journal)

  • Policy: Why France is getting no sympathy for its lost sub deal (Defense One)

  • Satire: Border Patrol agents accused of patrolling the border (Babylon Bee)

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