The Patriot Post® · House Democrats Hate Israel

By Thomas Gallatin ·

It’s a mystery why so many Jewish Americans continue to vote Democrat given that elected members of Congress like Jew hater Ilhan Omar and her fellow Squad members continuously and unapologetically express and perpetuate anti-Semitic views. Furthermore, the Squad’s outsized influence within the Democrat Party has undermined U.S. support for its closest and most important ally in the Middle East.

As the House rushed to pass a continuing resolution last weekend in order to ensure funding to avoid a government shutdown, it was members of the Squad who successfully leveraged their position to get Democrats to strip $1 billion in funding earmarked for Israel’s missile defense system known as Iron Dome.

Recall that Iron Dome proved decisive in preventing a significant amount of bloodshed earlier this year when it successfully eliminated a majority of rockets indiscriminately fired from Gaza by Hamas militants. The Iron Dome system is purely a defensive-oriented technology that works to stop rockets before they explode into the civil population. Yet Omar and other leftist Democrats eliminated funding a technology that saves the lives of both Israelis and in turn Palestinians, as Israel is less likely to run ground incursions to stop the attacks. This speaks volumes regarding the Democrats’ absolute disregard for life or peace.

“Stripping funding for Iron Dome only makes sense if the goal is to help Hamas become more efficient at killing civilians,” argues political analyst Philip Klein. “And progressives were so adamant about depriving Israel of this funding to protect its population that they were willing to shut down the government if the provision was not removed.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi downplayed the glaring anti-Semitism of the decision by suggesting that the House would address the question of funding the Iron Dome in future legislation. That legislation was proposed and then passed on Wednesday, thanks to Republican votes. Pelosi had it both ways — supporting Israel while saving the anti-Semitic caucus from having to support it.