The Patriot Post® · Ben & Jerry's Dangerous Activism

By Douglas Andrews ·

We remember the first time we saw Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the shelves. We remember the funky names and the psychedelic packaging. With a name like Chunky Monkey, we thought, it had to be good. And, sure enough, it was good. Which made it tough, years ago, when we swore we’d never buy another pint of their dastardly delicious ice cream ever again. And to this day, we haven’t.

We remember the year, 2004, because we remember the offense: We were at war in Iraq, and Islamist terrorism was still dominating the headlines, and those dirty hippies were driving around the country in a customized van with a giant effigy of George W. Bush — an effigy that had fake flames flying out of his arse. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

It was clever, sure, but also infuriating — at least to those of us who tend to support our commander-in-chief during a time of war. The two Vermont leftists cashed in by selling their company way back in 2000, but the company carried on their mission, and the duo have mostly dispensed with the humor and let their freak flag fly. In 2016, before anyone had even heard of Black Lives Matter, they supported that money-grubbing Marxist organization in a blog post. And last year, they partnered with Colin Kaepernick to market a frozen yogurt called “Change the Whirled,” whose proceeds funded his social justice organization and his race-baiting, cop-hating activism. More recently, the two self-hating Jews chose to dabble in foreign policy by pulling their ice cream out of the West Bank, thereby siding with Hamas terrorists over the state of Israel.

Their latest initiative, though, might be their most vile yet: They’ve teamed up with St. Louis Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush to promote “The People’s Response Act,” which is legislation that can only be described as anti-cop and therefore pro-crime.

More on that legislation in a moment, but first, Bush. She’s the ardent Black Lives Matter apologist whom we wrote about recently when we learned that she spends tens of thousands of dollars on private security while working to defund the police everywhere else. This includes removing the police protection of her very own St. Louis constituents, few of whom can afford to hire a private security firm, but all of whom live in one of the most murderous cities in the nation. Bush thus embodies all that’s wrong with our Beltway elite, because she doesn’t have to deal with the awful blowback of her idiotic policies.

As for Bush’s legislation, it’s a $10 billion anti-police bill that seeks to defund cops and replace them with social workers in certain incidents. We can only hope that it gets curb-stomped on Capitol Hill, because real people will come to violent ends otherwise. Bush’s bill proposes “to create a division within the Department of Health and Human Services in which about 50,000 first responders, who are not cops, would respond to mental health incidents.”

You read that right: Unarmed social workers will be dispatched to disarm knife-wielding lunatics and gun-waving madmen. What could go wrong? Or is it Bush’s contention that there’s never an overlap between “mental health incidents” and murderous violence?

Never fear, though: They’ve got a snazzy, feel-good commercial, and, as Jabari Paul, Ben & Jerry’s U.S. activism manager, soothingly points out, “The flavor supports the vision of the world in which every community is safe and everyone including Black and brown people can thrive.”


So: What’s it going to take for you to drop Ben & Jerry’s? What’s it going take for you to stop subsidizing the people who use your money to undermine everything you stand for? Only when we stop giving the leftists the rope with which they hang us will we begin to see results. Unless and until then, we’re actively assisting in our own demise.

Make a commitment today: No more Ben & Jerry’s. And better yet: Share this article with a friend or two.