The Patriot Post® · CNN Lauds China's Gun Confiscation

By Brian Mark Weber ·

China has a lot going for it these days. It’s a rising military and economic power poised to challenge the hegemony of the United States. And life seems good there. With clean streets, low crime, and a unified culture, what’s not to like?

Then again, that’s just what the propagandists say about China. The truth is that a repressive government controls nearly every aspect of life. And the same could be said about North Korea. Life always seems perfect when the people fear their rulers.

Despite our problems, America still has something China doesn’t: Liberty.

But when it comes down to it, that’s not enough to win the favor of CNN, a former news network that’s now little more than a shill for American Democrats and the Chinese government.

For example, take gun control. CNN proclaims that America and China “stand on opposite ends of the spectrum of gun control, with the right to bear arms legally protected and vehemently defended in one, and a near-total ban on civilian firearm ownership in the other.”

And why, CNN is effectively asking, is the Second Amendment vehemently defended in the United States?

Might it have something to do with the fact that an unarmed populace is vulnerable to tyranny? Of course China wants to keep its citizens disarmed. It’s the only way to ensure their obedience to the regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CNN propagandists never mention the word “Liberty.” And the only time the word “freedom” is used is in this dandy tidbit: “The Communist Party’s grip has only grown tighter under President Xi Jinping. In recent years, authorities have carried out more raids and offered freedom from prosecution in firearms amnesties.”

Ah, the “freedom” of gun confiscation.

In another respect, you see, our nations are so similar. CNN adds, “The two countries’ opposite approaches are especially striking given both nations were born from armed insurrection — the US winning its independence in the Revolutionary War in 1783, and the Chinese Communist Party establishing the People’s Republic of China in 1949 after a lengthy rebellion against the Nationalist government.”

CNN will take any advantage it can to portray the U.S. in a negative light, and especially to criticize the Second Amendment. But comparing the American Revolution to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China is night and day. One was fought to break the yoke of the British Empire and to create a system that lived up to the promises of the Declaration of Independence, while the other implemented collectivism and socialism — at gunpoint, we might add.

That’s the real reason China is again cracking down on people getting their hands on weapons. Despite living in a totalitarian regime, even some Chinese people know the first step toward Liberty is self-defense against anyone who threatens that freedom, whether individuals or governments.

Mao Zedong knew this. After all, he famously said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Last summer, Chinese cultural ambassador Zhang Heqing took a shot at U.S. culture by tweeting: “With gun violence happening almost every day, how much could the human rights be guaranteed? Can that also be called the so-called freedom?”

Actually, if we didn’t have guns in this country, there wouldn’t be any human rights. After all, taking guns out of the hands of the Chinese people has worked very well in keeping them silent and obedient, hasn’t it?

Maybe that’s why one Chinese man living in Texas calls his new right to own firearms the American Dream. Indeed, the need for self-defense is leading many Asian Americans to pick up a gun for the first time.

Meanwhile, CNN just gushes over the CCP.

The leftist network was criticized over the summer for proudly celebrating the rise of Xi Jinping and the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. And the network was just giddy over China’s coronavirus vaccine milestone. As if a single statistic from Beijing — much less about the ChiCom Virus — is even remotely trustworthy.

We should just call CNN the China News Network.