The Patriot Post® · Behind Biden's DOJ Threat Against Parents

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Conservatives have long chronicled the Left’s degradation of the American public education system. In recent months a growing number of parents have opted to educate their children either in private schools (if they can afford it) or to homeschool (if they’re able to). Yet the fact remains that the vast majority of parents from both sides of the political aisle send their children to public schools.

While everyone has seen the media stories of public schools failing to adequately educate students in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, it seems that, until recently, fewer American parents really appreciated that the deeper issue with America’s public education system was not what students aren’t being taught but what they are being taught.

Ironically, the COVID pandemic provided an opportunity for many more parents to be awakened to the subtle and even blatant leftist indoctrination of their children. As a result of this awakening, parents have become justifiably upset and angry, and they have therefore increasingly confronted their school boards to demand that such radically and divisive ideology like Critical Race Theory and radical sexual identity ideology be banned from their schools.

Many public schools and school boards have increasingly and subtly embraced this radical leftist ideology, which includes the notion that the state knows better what students need than do their parents. Don’t believe us? Believe Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

It should come as no surprise that as school boards across the nation face angry parents demanding change, the leftist National School Boards Association called on the federal government to put down these “domestic terrorists.”

What was somewhat surprising was the response of the federal government. Not only did Joe Biden’s Justice Department unquestioningly accept this idea, Attorney General Merrick Garland stepped up to announce the creation of an FBI task force that effectively threatens parents for daring to voice their opposition to what schools have been teaching their children. Talk about ratcheting up, politicizing, and nationalizing the issue.

So why did Garland, the face of the DOJ, ramp this up and make the announcement himself? Part of the answer appears to be that Garland may have some skin in the game. According to Asra Nomani, who runs Parents Defending Education, “[Garland’s] daughter is married to the cofounder of [Panorama Education] which is under fire for its multimillion contracts with school boards.” Nomani contends that Panorama Education is a consultancy firm that uses “data collection as a pretext for school officials to push controversial ideas about race, identity, and sexuality.”

Fox News reports: “[Parents Defending Education] previously flagged a $1.8 million contract for Panorama to conduct social and emotional learning (SEL) monitoring in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), resulting in data on students. Earlier in September, that number was bumped up to more than $2 million as part of a contract addition with Panorama. … ‘Social and emotional learning’ (SEL) and ‘culturally responsive’ training have become seemingly innocuous buzzwords in Virginia education, but critics have worried that they served as conduits for left-wing ideas about race and identity.”

Biden, who campaigned on being a moderate capable of unifying the country, has been anything but moderate. His administration’s embrace and promotion of a radical leftist agenda seemingly knows no bounds. That said, what is the Biden administration’s play here with such a divisive and extreme response toward parents?

We believe that suggesting concerned parents could be domestic terrorists is a crass and calloused calculation to baiting some emotionally unstable individual to snap and act out violently against a school board or it’s members. In effect, if that happened, the legitimate and fully justifiable concerns of all parents could be marginalized as extremist. It certainly appears to be a setup, because the ideology being pushed in America’s public schools is the same ideology that guides the Biden administration – and they do not want parents standing in the way of leftist indoctrination of their own children. Again, just as Terry McAuliffe stated plainly.