The Patriot Post® · In Brief: Police Are Rebuilding, But...

By Political Editors ·

Many major cities have been plagued by a drastic uptick in violent crime over the last year, and they’re responding by reinvesting in their police departments. “That’s great news,” says political analyst Eddie Scarry, “but let’s not forget how we got here and who’s to blame for the horrific crime waves we’re experiencing.”

All of the rioting, the looting, the vandalism, and, most devastating, the 30 percent nationwide increase in homicides of 2020, were the direct result of Democrats and leftists in the media instigating, justifying, and excusing violent crime in the wake of the death of George Floyd. This … was solely done for the purpose of winning the most disgusting political war they’ve ever waged: the fight to deny Donald Trump a second term.

Despite the Marxist roots and worldview of Black Lives Matter, the group was promoted ad nauseam by the mainstream media and far too many average Americans. One of BLM’s primary goals was to “defund the police.”

That’s exactly what happened. Across the country, governments at the local level began slashing budgets for law enforcement, Democrat mayors ordered police to dramatically reduce arrests related to looting and vandalism, and leftist prosecutors declined to pursue major offenses. All of this was done with the nodding approval of CNN, MSNBC, the major networks, and national papers.

That in turn was followed by the biggest increase in murders ever recorded. That police departments are receiving more funds is welcome but awfully late.

It was in every sense a hostage situation. All major cities were boarded up as the mayhem continued, and just as soon as things seemed to calm down heading into the fall, the plywood was reinforced in anticipation of an election outcome that might not go the way Democrats wanted. A Trump victory would be another excuse to continue the rioting over a media-generated narrative that such an outcome was yet more proof that this is a racist country and black people are perpetually in life-threatening danger.

We’re only just now recovering from the strain of it all. And if we don’t want a repeat in 2022 or 2024, we can’t forget who caused it.

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