The Patriot Post® · Trump-Hating Traitors Nabbed

By Douglas Andrews ·

Perhaps you heard: A Maryland couple was arrested Saturday for attempting to sell secret information about our nation’s nuclear submarines to an as-yet unnamed foreign power.

According to a federal criminal complaint that was unsealed Sunday, Jonathan Toebbe, a 42-year-old former U.S. Navy officer and nuclear engineer, and his wife, Diana, were caught when it turned out the foreign operative he thought he was dealing with was actually an undercover FBI agent. Federal authorities say he loaded secrets about the Navy’s Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarines on a blue, plastic-coated SD memory card, then hid the card inside such things as an adhesive bandage wrapper, a chewing gum package, and a peanut butter sandwich.

Or maybe you didn’t hear about this — which would be odd, given that the propulsion systems of our nuclear subs are one of the U.S. military’s most tightly guarded secrets, and given that such a scheme would directly threaten our national security.

The New York Times covered it in a 14-paragraph article published Sunday and updated Monday. But readers who failed to read the very last sentence of the article would’ve missed out on a telling detail about Diana Toebbe, who served as a lookout for her husband during his information drops. As the Times reports, “Ms. Toebbe was a teacher and yearbook adviser with a devoted following among students and graduates who admired her fierce feminism and progressive outlook.”

Ah, and how might that “fierce feminism and progressive outlook” manifest itself?

Answer: in hatred of former President Donald Trump and in support of Marxist pressure groups like Black Lives Matter. Thank goodness for Fox News, which reported that Ms. Toebbe’s Facebook account “is filled with liberal talking points on the Black Lives Matter movement and feminism,” and her Twitter account and Instagram page have “repeated posts supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, including … a post last year celebrating the social media protest against racism called ‘#blackouttuesday.’” And thank goodness for the UK’s Daily Mail, which also probed those social media accounts and found she supports “The Resistance,” and Hillary Clinton, and “stopping Donald Trump.”

At least the Times mentioned Diana Toebbe’s politics. That’s more that we can say for The Washington Post, which ran an extravagantly detailed 26-paragraph article on Monday and a nine-paragraph follow-up yesterday without telling their readers anything about the ideology that might’ve driven this traitorous couple to do what they did. All The Post tells us is that Diana Toebbe “was a meticulous teacher who pushed students to think in new ways.”

Democrats dies” in what again?

In any case, we credit the FBI for having taken these alleged traitors down, and we thank the unnamed nation that clued our authorities in and cooperated at every turn. The couple is being charged with violating the Atomic Energy Act, which restricts the disclosure of information related to atomic weapons or nuclear materials, and they face a potential maximum penalty of life in prison.

Whatever happened to seeking the death penalty for traitors?

Regardless, maybe our nation would be better off if Joe Biden, Lloyd Austin, and Mark Milley spent a little less time searching for those 17 elusive white supremacists and instead paid a bit more attention to rooting out the America-hating leftist traitors in our midst.

Just a thought.