The Patriot Post® · Thursday Short Cuts

By Jordan Candler ·

Insight: “The more laws, the less justice.” —Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)

“‘Vaccinate your kids and it’s over!’ say the people who told you to stay home for 15 days and it’s over, wear a mask and it’s over, get vaccinated and it’s over, etc.” —Jimmy Failla

“We have trained Americans to believe that work is unnecessary. As jobs go unfilled, a certain contingent of politicians celebrates — they say that workers have been unchained from their jobs, and that this is a net positive. In August 2020, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told Vice, ‘Only in America, when the president tweets about liberation, does he mean "go back to work” … I think a lot of people should just say no. We’re not going back to work.’ … Most Americans want to work; most Americans are in fact working. Hence the unpopularity of the Biden administration spending plans, which most Americans feel artificially suppress economic growth and stifle opportunity. But Biden and Democrats are counting on the long-term play: grow government, breed dependence and ultimately shift the relationship between Americans and the government.“ —Ben Shapiro

Dumb and dumber: "I especially want to thank Joe [sic] Porcari. And I think Joe's [sic] done one heck of a job — my special envoy, specifically on ports, who’s been working this issue with all the stakeholders for the past several weeks.” —President Joe Biden (“Joe’s” name is “John.” And John’s doing as “good” a job with the supply chain as Biden is at being president.)

Braying jenny: “[Mitch] McConnell at one point was saying [Democrats were] playing Russian roulette with the economy. Russian roulette from ‘Moscow Mitch.’ Interesting.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“One side is free to spread conspiracy theories.” —David Harsanyi)

And the Democrat Party platform is? “Just a reminder: the word ‘filibuster’ is not in the U.S. Constitution.” —Senator Amy Klobuchar

Thanks, Caption Obvious: “I think a lot of times people don’t have a really positive image of the government.” —First Lady Jill Biden

Non compos mentis: “A higher rate of inflation, and correspondingly higher wage growth, could be a net positive for the economy.” —Bloomberg Opinion columnist Karl W. Smith

And last… “It was never just tax the rich. Why do you think they want to monitor personal banks accounts with just $600?” —Senator Marsha Blackburn