The Patriot Post® · Many Women Taking a Break From Politics

By Emmy Griffin ·

There are many differences between men and women. The way women process and react to the political and cultural tides tends to be more emotional. So it’s understandable that some women feel the need to step back and take a break from politics.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty noticed this same phenomenon and is distressed because it’s dangerous for the Democrat Party. After all, Democrat women represent the majority of the female vote, and the female vote helped propel the current administration (and other Democrat administrations) to the White House. It goes without saying that women voters were paying special attention to politics because of President Donald Trump — his brashness in particular — along with the media’s constant coverage, much of which itself was deranged. During these years a lot of hysterical emotional energy was expended. There are YouTube videos of women literally just screaming profanity in relation to Trump administration policies and rhetoric. Here is one of the more “clean” examples:

The sane ones were exhausted in a different way. Black women voters, typically the most loyal Democrat constituent, have been quoted as saying, “It doesn’t matter who we elect, it’s all the same.”

Is this supposed to mean that the craziness on Capitol Hill keeps getting crazier? Or does it mean that the policies never seem to get better and inner cities keep getting more dangerous? This cynical, though accurate, comment from a black Democrat woman voter misses the larger issue at hand. Even Democrats are disenchanted with this current administration. At least under Trump, the whole country and the black community specifically had a president who fought for their interests. To quote our Douglas Andrews just before the 2020 election: “Whatever share of the black vote Trump takes … he’ll have done so by working hard and delivering results: jobs, economic-empowerment zones, bipartisan criminal justice reform, and the unprecedented funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities come immediately to mind.”

Lo and behold, Trump earned 12% of the total black vote and 9% of black women — huge improvements for a Republican candidate.

Tumulty posits that if this disengagement continues, next year’s midterm elections will be a disaster for the Democrats. This will be especially deleterious if they lose a chunk of votes from black women. And the Left deserves to lose them. The tyrants in charge are overplaying their hand and letting their thirst for power get the best of them.

But not all women have disengaged. In fact, conservative women have found their voices and are getting louder.

Conservative women have seen their values continually degraded by the Left. They have witnessed the attempt by the LGBTQ+ (or “2SLGBTQQIA+ people” if you’re Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) activist lobby to erase them all together. They have suffered additional attacks in spaces that were supposed to be private by men taking advantage of the dangerously stupid idea that people can be whatever gender they prefer regardless of biology. They are sick and tired of the abortion lobby degrading motherhood and murdering the unborn. Now the Left is also attacking our children seeking to indoctrinate them with anti-democratic, anti-Christian, and anti-white worldviews such as Critical Race Theory.

They have been watching and taking notes on how much damage loud activist minorities can do. Now that these policies are messing with every aspect of their lives, they are taking a stand.

It’s been said that if you are young and think with your heart, you vote to the left. But if you are old and think with your brain, you vote to the right. The culture wars are showing the drastic consequences for being young and emotional in voting — it corrupts the entire political machine. Emotional politics is unsustainable and eventually reality will rear its head as women who vote left fade out and women who vote conservative turn up the volume.