The Patriot Post® · Obama Gaslights Virginians

By Thomas Gallatin ·

“We don’t have time to waste on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media pedals to juice their ratings,” Barack Obama declared during a recent rally in Virginia in support of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Obama went on to assert that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is not interested in addressing “serious problems that affect serious people.”

It was classic Obama, only this time instead of labeling those concerned about the genuine issue of cultural erosion as being “on the wrong side of history,” he simply wrote off the very real culture issues facing Virginians as “phony.” Obama’s message to Virginians was simply: Don’t believe your lying eyes.

With Virginia’s race for governor in a dead heat, and Democrats clearly nervous and needing to gin up support to close a significant gap in voter enthusiasm, the Party called in its biggest guns in an attempt to stave off what could be an ominous defeat. Topping the list was Obama, who quickly reminded the country why so many people were willing to take a gamble and vote for Donald Trump after enduring eight dreary years of his self-righteous, condescending lectures.

First of all, conservatives are not the aggressors in the culture war. Leftists are.

Moreover, what exactly is “phony” about parents in Loudoun County vociferously objecting in school board meetings to the indoctrination of their children with the inherently racist and Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory? What exactly is “trumped-up” about parents objecting to radical “transgender” ideology being implemented in their schools, making them unsafe for girls? Is not the the rape of a girl in her school bathroom by a boy in a skirt not evidence enough for parents to at least question the school board’s promotion of “transgender” ideology?

These are the “serious problems” that “serious people” like these parents are responding to. It’s not Youngkin who’s dismissing them, but Democrats like McAuliffe, who’s busy spinning a fake narrative of Youngkin supporting the January 6 Capitol rioters. It is the likes of unserious Obama, who continues to espouse false claims of America’s democracy being under threat by those who prize their constitutionally protected rights and Liberty.

It was McAuliffe who declared, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” And McAuliffe’s record from his first stint as Virginia governor demonstrates that he clearly does not believe parents should have authority over their children’s education, as he twice vetoed bills allowing school choice.

Speaking of unserious people, Kamala Harris was also in Virginia stumping for McAuliffe. While Obama attempted to deny there was any controversy over the radical gender ideology being pushed in Virginia’s schools, Harris touted the Biden administration’s push of radical gender ideology. “President Biden and I released the first ever National Gender Strategy,” Harris boasted. “This is our vision for the future of our nation — one that is bold in strategy and one that this moment calls for.”

Anyone who claims that gender is fluid is not a serious person. Anyone who claims a boy can be a girl and vice versa is not a serious person. Yet the consequences of such reality-denying ideas on society is immensely serious. When enough people in society replace truth with a lie, and demand that others do the same, that society is not long for this world. The culture war is very real and very serious, no matter if Obama claims otherwise. As for Virginia, we can only hope that enough Virginians vote to put Youngkin in the governor’s mansion and send McAuliffe packing.