The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Executive News Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • FBI joins obstructionist Nancy Pelosi in blocking GOP from investigating January 6 (The Federalist)

  • Senate Democrats unveil a plan for a new tax on “billionaires” (NPR)


  • Email shows Biden administration ordered Afghanistan evacuation flights be filled with unvetted refugees (Free Beacon)

  • Pentagon confirms nearly 363 450 Americans in Afghanistan (Fox News)

  • Islamic State in Afghanistan could be able to attack U.S. in six months (Reuters)


  • Shippers to be fined for leaving cargo at Los Angeles ports (Washington Examiner)

  • Most expensive in history? This year’s Thanksgiving feast will wallop the wallet (New York Times)

  • August home prices jump by year-over-year record of 19.9% (Breitbart)

  • Florida has the fastest job growth rate in the nation, significantly faster than the national average (Daily Wire)


  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs integrity bill into law banning biological males from female sports in schools (Daily Wire)

  • Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania leave National School Board Association over letter likening parents to domestic terrorists (National Review)

  • Loudoun County teen absurdly claimed sex assault was an accident, happened when his skirt snagged on wristwatch (Daily Wire)

  • “Loudoun County protects rapists”: Virginia high school students stage walkout (RealClearPolitics)

  • Mind-boggling: Terry McAuliffe-linked law firm fighting Virginia student who said she was gang-raped (Daily Wire)

  • Largest New York City police union sues over vaccine mandate (Daily Caller)

Clown World

  • Teenager in Houston charged with three counts of murder released on bond is allowed to attend school and church (Washington Examiner)

  • Customer “surprised” to find Pop-Tarts is not a health food, files lawsuit over lack of strawberries (Not the Bee)


  • Judge will allow Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense to refer to the men he shot as “rioters,” “looters,” or “arsonists” at trial (Insider)

  • Elon Musk rips Democrats’ tax plan that could slap him with a $10 billion annual bill (Insider)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: In defense of qualified immunity (Senator Tom Cotton)

  • Policy: Restoration projects can lessen the severity of wildfires — but bureaucratic red tape too often gets in the way (City Journal)

  • Humor: White House says you would be able to afford food if you had kept the 16 cents you saved on July 4th (Babylon Bee)

  • Related Humor: Jen Psaki points out that inflation doesn’t matter since there are no goods to purchase anyway (Babylon Bee)

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