The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Executive News Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • Joe Biden, who should be looking in the mirror, lashes out at oil and gas companies over high prices (Washington Examiner) | Backfire: Oil prices soar as market rejects strategic reserve ploy (Breitbart) | Americans know who’s to blame for rising prices (

  • Tone-deaf Biden heads for billionaire’s estate on Nantucket for Thanksgiving amid higher gas, food prices (Washington Times)

  • Jen Psaki refuses to retract her boss’s characterizations of Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist (Fox News)


  • Federal jury holds pharmacies responsible in landmark opioid lawsuit (National Review)

  • Biden administration to take Colombian rebel organization FARC off terrorist list (Daily Wire)

Common Sense

  • “History can teach us important lessons”: Georgia university system unanimously refuses to rename buildings (Fox News)

  • “One step closer to justice”: $127.5 million settlement over FBI errors in Parkland shooting (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

“Social Justice”

  • Milwaukee BLM militant says Waukesha Christmas parade attack may be start of “revolution” (Fox News)

  • Documents reveal Fort Worth School District has key tenets of CRT after denying teaching it (Fox News)

  • Fairfax County schools set to return sexually explicit books to high school libraries (National Review)

  • UC Santa Cruz prescreens faculty job applications based on mandatory diversity statements (Washington Examiner)

  • J.K. Rowling says “transgender” activists are doxxing her (Daily Caller)

  • Can’t make this nonsense up: Women’s March apologizes for “$14.92” (the year Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas) fundraising email (Washington Examiner)


  • Eight-year-old boy dies from injuries in Waukesha Holiday Parade attack (CBS 58) | Jackson Sparks remembered as “sweet, talented boy” (Fox News) | The faces of the victims (New York Post)

  • Looters storm Los Angeles Nordstrom store amid wave of California burglaries (National Review)

  • Samsung to build $17 billion chip factory in Texas (Daily Wire)

  • Marxist Seattle councilwoman faces recall after leading protesters to mayor’s home, misusing city funds (National Review)

  • What could possibly go wrong? NYC may soon let nearly one million non-U.S. citizens vote (Fox News)


  • “Unite the Right” rally organizers must pay $25 million in damages, jury finds (Forbes)

  • Jury begins deliberations in murder trial of three men in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing (NBC News)

  • German parties reach deal for government to end Angela Merkel era (AP)

Irony Award

  • Many environmentalists back Biden’s move to tap oil reserve (AP)

Non Compos Mentis Awards

  • Liquor company asks consumers not to buy its “Rittenhouse Rye” brand to celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse verdict (Daily Wire)

  • California’s Santa Cruz County mandates masks … in private homes (National Review)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Jerome Powell’s own poisoned chalice (The Hill)

  • Satire: White House says everyone can save on Thanksgiving by skipping it since there’s nothing to be thankful for (Babylon Bee)

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