The Patriot Post® · 'O Moderate Democrats, Where Art Thou?'

By Roger Helle ·

Remember after 9/11 when those in our government suddenly became concerned that Muslims who weren’t radical would be offended if we criticized Islam? We were told by many, including President Bush, that Islam is a religion of peace. It had been hijacked by radicals. Most Muslims are moderate.

I guess I can believe that, but it always made me wonder where they were — these peaceful, “moderate Muslims.” From reading the Koran, it’s hard to call Islam a religion of peace, because it calls faithful Muslims to kill, convert, or enslave infidels (us). So, I can understand why all of those moderate Muslims were afraid to speak out. Still…

With the election of the Biden/Harris team (or is it Harris/Biden?) in 2020, we were told the nation was now on the right path. Joe Biden was not radical; he was a moderate Democrat. The dictionary defines “moderate” as (adjective) “A person who holds moderate views, especially in politics” or (verb) “Make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous or violent.”

So, color me confused, because ever since Biden/Harris took charge, it’s been a three-ring circus, a clown car disaster! It was obvious Biden and his Democrat cohorts wanted to change policies implemented by their despised nemesis, Donald Trump. But did they have to undo everything in Biden’s first few days in office?

I could write many articles listing all of the disasters we’ve suffered due to their intolerance of “all things Trump.” As a veteran, the disaster in Afghanistan tops my list, but there are so many more — open borders, masks/vaccine mandates, using government and law enforcement to go after political enemies and destroy them, etc. Why? Because Republicans dared to stand up to this tyrannical administration.

It started during the Obama administration. As he campaigned, he told us what he was going to do and who he was, a radical leftist. So to those who were paying attention, like the entire team at The Patriot Post, he did exactly what he said he would do. Obama’s “beef” with the Constitution was that it restrained what he wanted to do. He certainly didn’t let the Constitution stand in his way during his second term. If you questioned anything he did, you were labeled a “racist.” We all saw it coming.

Anyone see a trend here? In Obama’s now “third term in office,” calling someone a “racist” has been worn out. If everything is racist, then nothing is. Parents are racist for resisting radical ideology in their children’s schools. Anyone white is racist. Defending yourself against violent protestors who want to beat your brains out with a skateboard or shoot you with a Glock is racist.

Obama told us after he took office, “Elections have consequences.” Indeed, they do! This radical bunch of socialists/Marxists are shoving our noses into the dirt and telling us to just shut up and submit. They know better than we do how we should live our lives.

The whole purpose is to divide us against each other until we either stand up to them or surrender. I can tell you from traveling around this nation the past several years that submitting to tyranny is not in a Patriot’s DNA! The best part is, there are far more of us than there are of them!

Something to think about?