The Patriot Post® · Monday Executive News Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • All three defendants found guilty of murder in Ahmaud Arbery trial (National Review)

  • “Our justice system [is] doing its job”: Biden strikes far different tone after Arbery verdict than Kyle Rittenhouse (Fox News)

  • Arbery’s father: “All lives matter, not just black children” (Daily Wire)


  • “What happened on January 6th, senator?” Anthony Fauci snaps at Ted Cruz suggestion that he should be prosecuted (Daily Wire) | Rand Paul blasts the Swamp Doctor: “Astounding and alarming” to declare “I represent science” (Fox News)

  • “This is about American energy independence”: Joe Manchin rightfully urges Joe Biden to restore Keystone XL Pipeline (National Review)

  • Washington Post and CNN roasted after tweeting “Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV” (Daily Wire) | Leftmedia calls Waukesha fatal car-ramming a “crash.” They called the 2017 Charlottesville car-ramming an “attack.” (Daily Wire)

  • Majority of voters blame Joe Biden for surging inflation (National Review)

  • “More money than God”: Chinese titan lavished Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million (New York Post)


  • Christian groups furious at Antony Blinken for removing Nigeria from religious violence list (Politico) | Meanwhile, Muslim militants murder 10 Christians, burn 100 homes in Nigeria (Not the Bee)

  • Knife-wielding Afghan “refugee” charges San Francisco police, is shot dead (PJ Media)

  • What could possibly go wrong? China takes possession of Uganda’s only major airport after the country failed to pay its debts on time (Not the Bee)

  • Good: U.S. lawmakers defy China by meeting with officials in Taiwan (NBC News)


  • Black Friday shopping in stores drops 28% from pre-pandemic levels (CNBC)

  • Key inflation figure for the Fed up 4.1% year over year, the highest since January 1991 (CNBC)

  • Dollar Tree will raise prices to $1.25 (Daily Wire)


  • World races to contain new COVID Omicron variant (AP)

  • New York prematurely declares state of emergency (National Review)

  • U.S. joins EU in restricting flights from southern Africa over new variant (BBC) | Biden just implemented a travel ban and I distinctly remember him calling that kind of thing “xenophobia” (Not the Bee)

  • Birds of a feather flock together: WHO skips over naming new variant “Xi” to avoid causing offense (Daily Wire)

  • South African doctor who raised alarm about Omicron variant says “symptoms were so different and so mild” (Townhall)

  • Merck says its antiviral pill is less effective than initially reported (New York Times)

Democrat Inner City Dystopias

  • Philadelphia experiencing deadliest year ever with 500 homicides so far (New York Daily News)

  • Washington, DC, records 200th homicide of the year, a mark not seen since 2003 (Washington Post)

  • California Apple store hit in latest smash-and-grab in broad daylight (Fox News)

“Social Justice”

  • Out of touch: Salvation Army wants white donors to offer “sincere apology” for their racism (Daily Wire) | Donors withdraw support in response (Newsweek)

  • New Jersey’s Woodrow Wilson High School changing name over “racist" namesake (Daily Wire)


  • Five Democrat senators reject Biden’s communist pick for top bank watchdog (National Review)

  • Nine of 10 most popular governors are Republicans; Biden less popular than least popular governor (Fox News)

  • Jussie Smollett to go on trial today in alleged race-hoax case (Chicago Tribune)

  • Jeffrey Epstein coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial also begins today (NPR)

Non Compos Mentis Awards

  • The Elizabeth Warren playbook: Director of indigenous peoples’ health research in Canada forced to resign for being a fake (PJ Media)

  • In Germany, you must be fully vaxxed before your death by assisted suicide (National Review)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Oil and gas should be the tie that binds Mexico, U.S., and Canada (Dallas Morning News)

  • Policy: New Build Back Better childcare entitlement will be costly for states (AEI)

  • Satire: White smoke emanates from Wuhan lab chimney signaling a new variant has been named (Babylon Bee)

  • Satire: San Francisco stores hold 100% off Black Friday Sale (Babylon Bee)

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