The Patriot Post® · Ignoring Global Threats Would Be a Mistake

By Harold Hutchison ·

There has been an understandable focus on the long list of abuses and hate speech and intimidation (to put it mildly) that leftists have engaged in. There’s no denying that their hatred poses a threat to Liberty.

Grassroots Patriots would be making a big mistake if they just focused only on the Left, though. The fact is, there are threats to freedom across the globe, some of which stem from the dishonorable debacle caused by Joe Biden’s betrayal of Afghanistan, but others from enemies that Donald Trump was putting in check, until Biden let them off the ropes.

Mitigating the Afghanistan debacle and addressing the other threats won’t just involve rejecting foolish policy proposals, but a full-spectrum effort involving military preparedness, foreign policy, and other national security matters. Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan has already encouraged actions from Belarus and Russia. That’s just in Europe.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is following Barack Obama’s massively foolish Iran policy. What part of the Iranians’ desire to carry out a second Holocaust is that administration collectively missing? It isn’t just that track record. Their stooges fired missiles at the USS Mason in 2016. Under Trump, America was rightly backing the Saudi-led effort, which had the bonus of avoiding a major commitment of American military resources. The UAE recently made a big purchase of French Rafale fighters — probably because our allies question if America can be counted on.

Then there’s China. The fact that the governing body of professional tennis for women is acting in a manner that suggests it has more balls than the Biden administration, America’s national security establishment, and major American-based corporations is in one sense refreshing, but also alarming. Even after the initial cover-up of COVID-19 demonstrated the depraved indifference to human life of the Xi Jinping regime, none of the establishment seems to be willing to make Communist China pay.

All of this is bad enough, but we have a military in desperate need of massive modernization and expansion. China and Russia are moving to deploy hypersonic missiles while the Biden administration seems more interested in waging a culture war on the half of America that backed Trump. Pronouns won’t stop incoming hypersonic missiles; proper defenses and having a force structure that can shrug off an initial hit and still be able to punch back hard will.

Prior to that, the purported leaders in the national security establishment were unable or unwilling to address the “Resistance” to Trump from bureaucrats who should have been doing their jobs addressing the global threats that are metastasizing.

America can’t afford isolationism, nor can it afford to not be ready. When people volunteer to serve in the military, America assumes obligations to them, and grassroots Patriots need to make sure those obligations are met.