The Patriot Post® · Elon Musk Zaps the Opposition

By Douglas Andrews ·

Elon Musk is not a conservative, but he’s fast becoming our favorite agitator of the Angry Left.

Perhaps Time magazine’s 2021 Man Person of the Year is getting ornery in his old age, or perhaps he’s simply been mugged by “progressive” reality one too many times. But regardless, the man who brought us Tesla and SpaceX is clearly disinclined to suffer fools like Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Let’s change the rigged tax code,” screeched Warren via tweet, “so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else.”

The “freeloading” comment is certainly a reference to the trove of illegally leaked IRS files that showed Musk paid no federal income tax in 2018, albeit by way of perfectly legal strategies for minimizing his tax burden. And the part about Musk paying a lot of other taxes due to the fact that almost all of his wealth derives from non-traditional income? Oh, we guess that must’ve slipped Warren’s class-warrior mind.

In any case, them was fightin’ words for the guy whom investment firm Morgan Stanley thinks may well become the world’s first trillionaire. (Relax. He’s only worth a measly $297 billion at the moment.)

“If you opened your eyes for 2 seconds,” Musk shot back, “you would realize I will pay more taxes than any American in history this year.”

Then came another dig — one which was sure to upset Big Government Democrats and those who vote for them: “Don’t spend it all at once … oh wait you did already.”

Then another, with a link to a Fox News article detailing Fauxcahontas’s sordid history of Native American appropriation: “Stop projecting!”

And finally, a mic-dropper, a last big kick in the gut to a prostrate pol who clearly picked a fight with the wrong guy: “You remind me of when I was a kid and my friend’s angry Mom would just randomly yell at everybody for no reason. Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen.”

You’d think Lizzie Warren would’ve learned a lesson from Musk’s recent belittlement of another leftist senator, Vermont octogenarian socialist Bernie Sanders, who one month ago tossed out a tweet that caught Musk’s attention: “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period.” And where does Warren, who infamously claimed “Native American,” get off criticizing Musk, a literal “African American.”

Musk’s response was worthy of a ninth-grader, and it showed a Trump-like ability to counterpunch, only more tersely: “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.”

As for its choice of Musk as Person of the Year, one wonders if left-leaning Time is having second thoughts — because Musk isn’t one of them, and he seems utterly unafraid of calling out foolishness when he sees it. Take Joe Biden’s $2 trillion-plus BuildBilk Back Better plan, of which Musk recently told lawmakers, “Delete it.”

“He is reshaping life on Earth and possibly life off Earth, as well,” said Edward Felsenthal, Time’s editor-in-chief. The profile piece elaborates:

The richest man in the world does not own a house and has recently been selling off his fortune. He tosses satellites into orbit and harnesses the sun; he drives a car he created that uses no gas and barely needs a driver. With a flick of his finger, the stock market soars or swoons. An army of devotees hangs on his every utterance. He dreams of Mars as he bestrides Earth, square-jawed and indomitable. Lately, Elon Musk also likes to live-tweet his poops.

This is the man who aspires to save our planet and get us a new one to inhabit: clown, genius, edgelord, visionary, industrialist, showman, cad; a madcap hybrid of Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, the brooding, blue-skinned man-god who invents electric cars and moves to Mars. His startup rocket company, SpaceX, has leapfrogged Boeing and others to own America’s spacefaring future. His car company, Tesla, controls two-thirds of the multibillion-dollar electric-vehicle market it pioneered and is valued at a cool $1 trillion.

He’s moving that company from high-tax, high-regulation California, by the way, to the freer plains of Texas.

Only a bold, brash, thin-skinned, visionary one-of-a-kinder like Elon Musk — and only in America.