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By Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • Biden’s approval sinks to new low: The latest Quinnipiac poll finds that just 33% of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden has done as he nears the one-year mark of his presidency. This low mark was matched by Donald Trump only after the January 6 Capitol riot. Independents give Biden a 25% approval, while only 28% of Hispanics, a demographic Democrats are counting on, give him a favorable rating. It’s gotten so bad for Biden that even his base is souring on him — their 87% approval in November has fallen 12 points, now sitting at 75%. Biden can thank his own dismal leadership on just about every major issue Americans care about: only 34% approval on the economy, 35% on foreign policy, and 39% on his handling of the pandemic. Furthermore, regarding his self-designation as a “unifier,” 49% of Americans say he’s “doing more to divide the country.” This clearly doesn’t bode well for the Democrat’ midterm chances.

  • McCarthy rejects J6 Committee: “As a representative and the leader of the minority party, it is with neither regret nor satisfaction that I have concluded to not participate with this select committee's abuse of power that stains this institution today and will harm it going forward,” read House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s statement as he refused the request to be interviewed by Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 inquisition. “This committee is not conducting a legitimate investigation as Speaker Pelosi took the unprecedented action of rejecting the Republican members I named to serve on the committee,” McCarthy explained. “It is not serving any legislative purpose. The committee’s only objective is to attempt to damage its political opponents — acting like the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee one day and the DOJ the next.” McCarthy is now the third Republican lawmaker to refuse the J6 Committee.

  • CNN viewership drops nearly 90% in one year: It’s been all downhill for CNN following its early January 2021 numbers when it averaged 2.7 million viewers. Since then, the Leftmedia outlet has witnessed its audience plummet to an average of just 548,000 viewers this past week. The worst aspect of this drop for CNN is the demographic it has lost — nearly 90% of lost viewers are age 18-49, and only 73,000 of them tuned into the network last week. This precipitous slide follows Donald Trump’s exit from office as well as several scandals within the Leftmedia network, including one that led to ousting top-rated host Chris Cuomo.

  • Ex-CNN producer and alleged child-sex trafficker hit with civil suit: Speaking of CNN scandals, longtime producer John Griffin, who was recently fired following federal child-trafficking charges, has been hit with a $15 million civil suit to boot. Interestingly, Griffin was the producer for now ex-host Chris Cuomo. The suit, raised on behalf of a nine-year-old “Jane Doe,” alleges, “For several years prior to 2020, the defendant solicited young girls, including the minor plaintiff, for the purpose of knowingly persuading, inducing, enticing and coercing them to engage in sexual activity, sexual exploitation, and/or sexual trafficking.” Griffin faces life in prison if found guilty of the federal charges.

  • VA “transgender” teen sentenced for sexual assaults: At the height of parents clashing with the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia over its pushing of CRT and “transgender” ideology, a father being dramatically arrested became the dubious talking point for the Leftmedia to claim that parents were the problem. It later came out that the father was there to express his outrage and opposition to the school district’s “transgender” policy, a policy that led to his daughter being sexually assaulted in a school girls’ bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. It was later learned that the male student was transferred to another school in the county, where he sexually assaulted another female student. The male student was recently found guilty and sentenced to a “locked residential program” where he will undergo constant psychiatric supervision and be registered as a sex offender.

More From Your Patriot Post Team

Government & Politics

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Culture & Heartland

Closing Arguments

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