The Patriot Post® · Michele Tafoya Leaves the Sports Plantation

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Michele Tafoya is a longtime sports reporter best known for her sideline reporting for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” games. This past NFL season was Tefoya’s last, as she retired from her reporting gig. But she recently made clear that she has not retired from public life.

In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Tefoya announced that she is getting into politics. In fact, she joined the campaign of conservative Kendall Qualls, who hopes to win the Republican primary and challenge Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Tim Walz this coming November. “I am willing to step up for this gentleman, Kendall Qualls, and say we need a change in leadership,” Tefoya explained. “We need sensible, reasonable people.”

What motivated Tefoya to jump into politics? And not just politics, but conservative politics? Put simply, she hasn’t liked what she’s been seeing with today’s cancel culture movement. “I can’t tell you how many people tell me, ‘I’m just shutting my mouth, I don’t wanna get in trouble,’” she said. “Getting in trouble for something you believe in the United States of America? That is astonishing and scary. I’m not afraid of many things, but that people feel afraid to speak, or share their beliefs, because there might be ramifications at their place of work, or within their social circles. That scares the hell out of me and I will fight that every step of the way for both sides.”

Tefoya told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson: “Americans are tired of being bullied by the left and exhausted by constant accusations of systemic racism. In fact, this is the least racist period in our country’s history. My parents and grandparents would have loved to have grown up in the America I grew up in. We are not going to be the generation that lost America. We are going to be the generation that saved it, restored it and passed it onto the next generation.”

It’s good to see mainstream media figures like Tefoya decide to get into the cultural fight for the heart and soul of the nation rather than sit on the sidelines and merely hope to avoid the slings and arrows of the enemy.