The Patriot Post® · Thursday Executive News Summary

By Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • A cop-related incident gets headlines: A 26-year-old black man was killed by a police officer in Michigan after he failed to comply and resisted arrest. Patrick Lyoya was stopped by an officer who realized the vehicle Lyoya was driving wasn’t registered with the license plates on the car. Rather than comply with the police officer’s instructions, Lyoya struggled with the officer and at some point gained possession of the officer’s taser, which Lyoya discharged twice before he was shot once in the head and killed. Predictably, the incident has brought out the usual social justice crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. Meanwhile, the incident is under investigation. One thing is clear: If Lyoya had not resisted the officer, he would still be alive today. If BLM activists really believed black lives matter, they’d petition for a national PSA campaign with a simple message: If you resist arrest, you may die. Of course, such a message would undermine the false narrative upon which the entire BLM brand is founded — the myth of systemic racism.

  • Supplier prices jumped in March as high inflation continues to pummel the nation: On Wednesday, the Labor Department reported that the producer price index rose an additional 1.4% in March to top out at 11.2% for the year. This marks the fourth straight month of double-digit price increases, resulting in record highs. Some 72% of small businesses have raised their average selling prices, which is the highest on record. Mahir Rasheed, an economist at Oxford Economics, assessed, “The severe imbalance between robust demand and handicapped supply will persist throughout [the second quarter], keeping producer-price inflation sticky and elevated until price pressures start to decelerate in the latter part of 2022.” On Tuesday, the government reported that the consumer price index had increased to a 40-year high, with prices rising 8.5% annualized, and this is expected to continue over the next several months. There is now talk that the Fed could get more aggressive seeking to combat inflation by raising the interest rates by a half percentage point rather than the usual quarter percentage point. This bad economic news may largely explain why Joe Biden has hit a new low in the polls, with an approval rating of just 33%.

  • Recently launched CNN+ is failing miserably: When Chris Wallace left Fox News for CNN, it may have been mostly for the money, as he was reportedly going to rake in $7 million annually. He was brought over to be the leading face of CNN’s latest endeavor, its streaming service dubbed CNN+. However, Wallace, whose program is ironically named “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” may now be regretting the move, as CNN+ has thus far proven to be a miserable failure. According to recent viewership numbers, the stream app pulls in less than 10,000 viewers a day. Making matters worse, CNN sunk some $300 million into the streaming app, and since its launch two weeks ago it has netted just 10,000 subscribers. To answer Wallace’s question, apparently almost no one cares who’s talking to Wallace.


  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter in cash deal (Washington Times)

  • Brooklyn subway shooting suspect arrested (CBS New York)

  • TSA extending travel mask mandate for two weeks (The Hill)

  • Second Texas bus drops off migrants near U.S. Capitol (Fox News)

  • Governor Greg Abbott ends truck inspections on part of border following Mexican concessions (Washington Examiner)

  • Networks ignore “whipping” border agents being cleared of wrongdoing (NewsBusters)

  • Kentucky legislators override governor’s veto, pass law to ban male athletes from girls' sports (Daily Wire)

  • Loudoun County officials could face criminal charges for rape coverup (Daily Wire)

  • Twitter suspends popular account that exposes radical gender theories (Daily Wire)

  • Exec of defunct solar company gets six years in prison for role in Ponzi scheme (Daily Wire)

  • Russian navy’s flagship in Black Sea badly damaged; Ukrainians claim they hit it with missiles (Daily Wire)

  • Mike Pence targets “cancel culture,” “woke America” in UVA speech (The Hill)

  • Policy: Biden’s decision to stop the Keystone pipeline absolutely hiked gas prices (The Federalist)

  • Humor: Nuclear launch codes to be stored securely on CNN+ broadcast where no one will ever see them (Babylon Bee)

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