The Patriot Post® · Americans Are Waking Up to Bidenflation

By Brian Mark Weber ·

For months we’ve been told the Biden economy is strong. Yet all along, Americans sensed that something wasn’t right. Gas and food prices soared. Paychecks that covered the bills a few years back can’t make ends meet today.

Usually, it’s easy for Democrats and the Leftmedia to take complex economic data and make it look good if they need to. In fact, they’ve even tried making the case that inflation is good for us.

But the latest numbers are so bad that no amount of smoke and mirrors can sufficiently distort today’s reality. This includes an 8.5% increase in consumer prices over the past 12 months, the worst since 1981. In other words, inflation is much, much worse than Jen Psaki, Janet Yellen, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden are telling you.

Welcome to Bidenflation.

Keeping all this in mind, though, the mainstream media is still trying to tell us that Joe Biden is doing a great job. They’re even suggesting that the presidency is so challenging that no chief executive can be expected to solve the tough problems the country faces.

But don’t worry. The Democrats have a plan.

“The same policy wizards who brought you soaring inflation are now offering what they claim is a solution to inflation: Raise taxes,” writes the Wall Street Journal editorial board. “Our advice is to consider the source and the economic record their previous advice produced.”

The Journal adds: “Democrats are desperate to salvage something from their Build Back Better agenda after Joe Manchin killed the original version last year. Sen. Manchin’s complaint then was that trillions of dollars in new spending would stoke inflation. Voila, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now pitching a tax increase as a cure for price increases.”

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. This week, the Commerce Department reported that gross domestic product dropped 1.4%. As CNBC reports: “While recession expectations on Wall Street remain low, there’s further trouble ahead for the economy: In an effort to combat burgeoning price increases, the Federal Reserve plans to enact a series of rate hikes aimed at slowing growth further. The personal consumption expenditures price index excluding food and energy, a preferred inflation measure for the Fed, rose 5.2% in the quarter, well above the central bank’s 2% inflation target.”

But Democrats just don’t get it. By all accounts, this administration caused inflation by paying people not to work, shutting down America’s domestic energy production, and spending billions of so-called COVID relief money on everything but the virus.

And so, rather than addressing the real factors causing inflation, Democrats are talking about raising taxes and forgiving hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt. They’re blaming Vladimir Putin and greedy corporations, but they never look in the mirror. For example, this week Nancy Pelosi was asked if the public would blame Democrats for inflation. She seemed perplexed and said most Americans would blame oil companies. This is delusional.

Adding insult to injury, the media continues to run interference. If you can’t buy as much food as you could a year ago, or can’t afford to fill up your car’s tank, it’s due to right-wing outlets making you think it’s a problem.

And that’s why most Americans are, literally, no longer buying it. Last month, a Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that 64% of us now blame Biden for soaring inflation. (The other 36% need to wake up.)

With all the indicators pointing to a midterm shellacking for the Democrats in November, Democrats are beginning to wake up. But now they’re talking about raising taxes. We can’t make this stuff up.

Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are sailing this ship of state into the rocks while telling us we’re in safe waters. And they’ll do everything they can to maintain that illusion.

It seems odd to wish us through the warmth of spring and summer, but November can’t come soon enough.