The Patriot Post® · The Grim Cost of Grooming Children

By Nate Jackson ·

No one wants kids to die, much less by suicide. Yet that is exactly the danger facing many young Americans if our culture doesn’t sort out some things.

NBC News, under the banner of its “Out” news section for all things “LGBTQ,” reports:

Nearly half of LGBTQ youths in the United States have “seriously considered” suicide in the past year, a survey released on Wednesday found, piling onto concerns for a vulnerable group of adolescents amid a nationwide culture war over LGBTQ issues.

The survey, conducted by the Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth suicide prevention and crisis intervention group, polled 34,000 LGBTQ people aged 13 to 24. Among the report’s key findings is that 73 percent of respondents reported symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and 58 percent reported symptoms of major depressive disorder.

We don’t quote NBC because it’s authoritative but to pick apart the propaganda packed into its story.

A couple of months back, we reported that the kids are not alright. American children across the board are suffering from increased anxiety and depression over the last couple of years, and the reasons are myriad. One of the biggest reasons is the devastation wrought by the sexual revolution that began more than 50 years ago. It began with the whole idea of “free love” and sex “without consequences.” It yielded millions of fatherless children — the ones who survive their mothers’ “choice,” anyway.

But in recent years, promiscuity has given way to outright deviancy. The Rainbow Mafia is grooming kids by foisting sex miseducation on them at younger and younger ages, all in what can only be described as a vast and very sick recruitment effort. Kids who are taught to struggle with their sexual “identity” — i.e., they’re learning a mental disorder — are far more likely to exhibit further mental health problems.

Moreover, as our Mark Alexander observes: “One reason gender-disoriented individuals consider suicide, and suffer other depressive and personality disorders, is because they suffer underlying pathology and brokenness that, in part, manifests as gender confusion. The American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association abandoned these individuals in their pathology when they bowed to political pressure and officially declared, essentially, that the various manifestations of gender disorientation are not rooted in pathology. It is surely the greatest diagnostic dereliction in contemporary health professions.”

Yet NBC and other leftist propagandists for the Rainbow Mafia would have you believe that the real problem is persecution of these kids by “anti-LGBTQ” forces, especially in states like Florida and Georgia.

To hear President Joe “Unity” Biden tell it in his divisive State of the Union, these and other states are guilty of an “onslaught” of “laws targeting transgender Americans.” That’s a lie, though NBC dutifully argues the same case (even using the word “targeting”) without attributing it to Democrat talking points.

“The survey found” this to be the case, NBC tells us in a perfect example of pollaganda. The Leftmedia regurgitates Democrat lies, finds a friendly organization to poll people on whether they absorbed what they were told, and then reports the findings as “news.”

NBC proceeds to fill out the article by quoting the very “experts” who are damaging our children. “The mental health of LGBTQ young people has always been in jeopardy,” laments Dr. Scott Hadland of the MassGeneral Hospital for Children, though not for the reasons we’ve stated above. Instead, he argues, it’s because “we have never achieved a place of full acceptance and affirmation for LGBTQ people in this country.”

And Trevor Project researcher Myeshia Price complains that “LGBTQ people are being politicized and weaponized” and used as “political pawns,” which she says is “heartbreaking.”

Pardon us for pointing out who started the ever-expanding culture war and uses children as political pawns. It wasn’t conservatives, who want to conserve God’s design for sex and family. It was “liberals,” who went so far to the left that they began grooming children into deviant lifestyle choices before the kids are even old enough to play on the playground alone.

Until the ones perpetuating this madness stop doing so, everyone will suffer — some of our children most of all.