The Patriot Post® · NYC's Gross Injustice: Man Defends Himself, Is Charged With Murder

By Thomas Gallatin ·

It’s a fundamental human right that our nation’s Founding Fathers expressly enumerated, an unwritten premise undergirding the Second Amendment — the individual right to self-defense. When threatened with bodily harm or death, individuals have a right to defend themselves with the use of deadly force if necessary. This is part of the core logic behind the right to bear arms (the other and more important being defense against government tyranny).

However, the radical Left has increasingly rejected this human right. Indeed, much of the reasoning behind the Democrats’ anti-gun stance can be boiled down to a rejection of the premise that when threatened with harm, individuals have the right to defend themselves. The existence of the firearm offers a tool that has become the great equalizer among individuals. Even the weakest person wields the ability to inflict deadly force.

Evidence that the radical Left rejects this right came to greater clarity with the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, as Leftmedia outlets colluded with Democrat politicians to blast the notion that he legally defended himself using deadly force against attackers who were threatening to kill him. Seemingly, it was the use of a firearm that these leftists objected to, but the real issue on trial was the right to self-defense.

Exposing that this is indeed the real issue, take a look at a recent incident in New York City, where a 61-year-old store clerk, Jose Alba, has been charged with second-degree murder following his use of deadly force to defend himself against a 35-year-old ex-convict who attacked him. Alba did not use a firearm; instead, he used a knife, stabbing his attacker several times, leading to the man’s eventual death.

Since the entire attack was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras, the facts are obvious and plain. Alba was attacked by an irate younger man following his girlfriend’s threatening Alba to send her boyfriend to come and “f*** you up!” During the attack, Alba was hit and pushed down by the larger, younger man — an ex-convict with a rap sheet that included 27 arrests for a variety of charges including assault. As the young man continued to assault Alba, the victim eventually responded by stabbing his attacker multiple times. Meanwhile, Alba himself was stabbed by the woman, who has not been charged with any crime. The attacker and his girlfriend are both black, whereas Alba is Hispanic.

However, radical leftist Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided to charge Alba with murder and sought a $500,000 bond to hold the store clerk, who had no prior record. Even the judge saw that as excessive and dropped the bond to $250,000. With no evident awareness of the glaring irony, “The prosecutor assigned to the case, Jennifer Sigall, told investigators that the girlfriend was justified in slashing Alba [in] defense of her boyfriend,” according to Fox News.

It’s obvious that woke racial ideology played a role in the decision to charge Alba, as he sits lower on critical race theory’s victimology hierarchy. Within this ideology, not all individuals are considered to have equal status; rather, immutable physical attributes or various deviant sexual “identities” are what determine the guilt-to-innocence ratio. There’s one word for this type of “social justice”: injustice.