The Patriot Post® · Taking on 'The Weaponization of Government'

By Douglas Andrews ·

This week was a good one for limited-government constitutional conservatives — especially those who are fed up with the deep state, fed up with the Democrats’ use of the federal government as a cudgel against its political enemies within Washington and across the country.

House Republicans passed a resolution Tuesday to establish the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which will investigate, among other things, the FBI’s effort to censor and ban conservative Twitter users, and the Justice Department’s probe of “threats” from parents who’ve had the temerity to speak out at local school board meetings against wokeness and rampant leftism.

To no one’s surprise, the vote was party-line, 221 to 211, in favor of examining the behavior of the FBI and DOJ, which followed revelations in a series of “Twitter Files” that the FBI paid the company $3 million to suppress mostly conservative voices on the social media site.

The committee will be housed under the House Judiciary Committee and will “fully investigate the Biden administration’s efforts to ‘collect information on or otherwise investigate citizens of the United States,’ examine how federal agencies collect or work with the private sector to collect information on U.S. citizens, and probe other issues ‘related to the violation of the civil liberties’ of U.S. citizens.”

The resolution, from Ohio Congressman and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, is what House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says is part of the GOP’s mission to “hold the Swamp accountable.”

During his remarks on the floor, Chairman Jordan responded to Democrat charges that the resolution was merely a ploy:

A ploy? It’s not a ploy when the Department of Justice treats parents as terrorists, moms and dads who are simply showing up at a school board meeting to advocate for their son or daughter.

A ploy? It’s not a ploy when the FBI pays Twitter $3 million, not one, not two, but $3 million to censor American citizens.

It’s not a ploy when the Department of Homeland Security tries to set up a disinformation governance board because we all know that the Department of Homeland Security can tell what’s good speech and what is bad speech.

Writing for the opposition, The New York Times casts a jaundiced eye at the enterprise, reporting that Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern likened the panel to the House Un-American Activities Committee of the 1950s, “which demonized Americans suspected of being sympathetic to communism.”

And your point is?

“I call it the McCarthy committee,” McGovern continued, “and I’m not talking about Kevin; I’m talking about Joe. This committee is nothing more than a deranged ploy by the MAGA extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party and now want to use taxpayer money to push their far-right conspiracy nonsense.”

Here, a bit of a history lesson for the Times and McGovern: Joe McCarthy was right about everything and everyone, and the McCarthy period itself, which Ann Coulter has dubbed “The Rosetta Stone of all liberal lies,” was a period marked by the Democrats’ sustained efforts to shout down and demonize the truth-tellers and rewrite history about the very real and widespread infiltration of commies and commie sympathizers within the U.S. government, especially the State Department, from 1938 to 1946. Anyone who doubts this should read M. Stanton Evans’s 672-page Blacklisted by History, which is the definitive post-Soviet volume on the McCarthy era.

Likewise, let’s hope that history looks back on the period from 2009 to 2023 as a period of widespread weaponization of government agencies against the citizenry, and the period immediately thereafter as one of significant reform and a return of the federal apparatus to its rightful role.

Suffice it to say, honest and decent Democrats have nothing to fear from a Republican committee meant to unravel and undo the political weaponization of our federal government.

Those Democrats who are neither honest nor decent, though, they have plenty to fear.

“Americans are sick and tired of it,” said Jordan. “And we don’t want to go after anyone. We just want it to stop, and we want to respect the First Amendment to the Constitution that the greatest country in the world has. That’s what this committee is all about.”