The Patriot Post® · Americans Want to Protect Women's Sports

By Douglas Andrews ·

In case you missed it, official Washington’s interminable Pride Month celebration was briefly interrupted Tuesday by an act of journalism. The urinator in their corn flakes was EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen, and he was quickly returned to his place by Joe Biden’s chief propagandist, Karine Jean-Pierre.

“What would the president say,” asked Jensen, “to parents out there who have daughters, say, from high school, for example, who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male … and worry about their daughter’s safety?”

This question seemed reasonable enough, and it reminded us of something we’d written back in January 2022, when we noted how lucky we’d been, as the father of daughters who’d grown up competing in club sports and high school athletics, to have been spared the ghoulish sight of a girl’s head bouncing off the hardwood with a sickening thud because a young man steamrolled her on his way to the hoop. And spared from having seen a distraught dad collecting his daughter’s teeth and stanching the flow of blood from her mouth because she’d gotten in the way of a young man’s vicious slapper with that heavy, hard plastic field hockey ball.

Jean-Pierre, though, will never have daughters, and she clearly hadn’t considered such possibilities. Thus, she dutifully scolded Jensen: “So, look, what you’re alluding to,” she said, “is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous. … You’re saying that [girls’] safety is at risk. … That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say — that, essentially, transgender kids, we’re talking about, are dangerous.”

KJP would never admit it, but she was uncomfortable with the question. The tell was her nervous laughter as she answered. But this is the Democrats’ perverse policy, and they own it.

We call it perverse because it is. It’s a biological fact that men are, on average, bigger, stronger, and faster than women. In addition, as columnist Madeleine Kearns explained, “Other well-documented physical advantages men have over women include height, weight, broader shoulders, greater circulating blood volume, greater resistance to dehydration, larger lung capacity, thicker skin, faster sensory frame shifting, more hemoglobin in the blood, greater upper-body strength, faster reaction times, greater bone density in the arms, larger sweat capacity, higher systolic blood pressure, higher muscle-to-fat ratio, and larger hearts.”

Furthermore, as Abigail Schrier put it in The Wall Street Journal, “Once male puberty is complete, testosterone suppression doesn’t undo the biological advantages men possess: larger hearts, lungs and bones, greater bone density, more-oxygenated blood, more fast-twitch muscle fiber and vastly greater muscle mass.”

Or perhaps there’s another explanation for a team of our nation’s best women soccer players having gotten annihilated recently by a combined 24-to-1 score in three games against men?

How is this fair? And why, as our colleague Emmy Griffin asked, are woke women’s soccer stars like Megan Rapinoe pulling up the ladder behind them as they retire from the sport while supporting the notion that men should be allowed to compete against women from here forward? Could it be that she selfishly wants to cement her legacy as the best, knowing that the playing field will be unfairly tilted against women going forward?

Increasingly, the American people are becoming uncomfortable with the same question that flummoxed Jean-Pierre — this question about men competing against women athletically, and about the larger reality of our daughters’ right to privacy in bathrooms, dorm rooms, locker rooms, and just about everywhere else. A recent Gallup poll makes this clear.

“A larger majority of Americans,” reports Gallup, “now (69%) than in 2021 (62%) say transgender athletes should only be allowed to compete on sports teams that conform with their birth gender. Likewise, fewer endorse transgender athletes being able to play on teams that match their current gender identity, 26%, down from 34%.”

The trend is clear, and the rationale is obvious. Men competing against our daughters in sports is a bridge too far. While same-sex marriage seems to be increasing in acceptance across the American landscape, this other issue has hit a brick wall.

The American people, in short, are starting to get it. And that’s good news for our girls.