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A Common Sense Approach to America's Relationships With Islam and Islamic Nations

Murray T. Bass · May 24, 2011

There is an old German expression that goes something like this. “Too soon old and too late smart.” Describes me pretty well. At my ancient age I finally realized if something is impossible to do, it is foolish to try. No matter how noble it may seem. For years I championed America’s efforts to spread freedom in the World with many successes. We have spent many lives and countless dollars in an effort to help people in Islamic countries experience the freedom we here take for granted. While it is a noble effort, it is fruitless. We cannot free them. Some political choices may become available but our style of freedom can never prevail. In Islamic nations, Islam is the system of government, law and religion that will always prevail. So it has been for 1400 years. Relatively unchanged. So will it ever be. Muslims must reject Mohammed for it to be otherwise. That will never happen. What, then, should our relations with Islamic nations be like?

Islam proselytes by terror and deception. Jihad. Their consistent objective has been the conversion of all of the worlds people to Islam. So stated in the Qu'ran, unchanged since inception. We should recognize the objectives of Islam and protect ourselves from both its terror and deception. Islam openly proposes to replace our Rule of Law with Islamic law (Shariah). If individuals or groups propose that, it is sedition and should be prosecuted as such. In every case. If they actively campaign for Shariah to replace all or parts of our system of laws, they should be charged with Subversion and prosecuted Non citizens deported and citizens imprisoned, If they conspire with foreign individuals or nations to replace our “Rule of Law” they should be charged with Treason, if citizens, and receive the maximum penalty for that offense under the law. Non citizens should be viewed as military combatants and tried under military law. We should actively seek out and destroy those individuals and regimes that are sponsoring terrorist acts against the United States and its citizens. Act in self defense rather than react. We must first recognize Islam for what it is. A good place to start is to look at Mohammed the man. An objective and accurate view of him is portrayed in the book “Prophet of Doom.” The book is based on 6800 pages of historical data as it is reflected in the Qu'ran. Yes, Islam through the Qu'ran does reflect the personal character and behavior patterns of Mohammed himself. This is not intended to be a criticism of those of the Muslim faith. It is what it is. Those who practice it are in many ways captives of that faith and without other choices. To choose otherwise is to choose an eternity in the fires of Hell. They genuinely believe that they are being directed by Allah through his Messenger Mohammed to practice Jihad. Islam is completely incompatible with the principles defined in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Assigning blame has no value unless there is a corresponding course of action. That’s the way it is. We must protect ourselves against it just as we would against deadly diseases such as influenza, cholera or AIDS. That’s a subject with many facets to be examined. Our foreign relations are substantially less complex.

We should continue with humanitarian aid and assistance where the health and lives of many are in danger. Trade with Islamic nations should continue as a function of our humanitarian objective but should always result in a favorable balance of trade to insure that we are not funding jihad. We should maintain amiable but frankly open relationships with those whose intentions with us have proven to be non offensive. We should never intervene in the internal affairs of Islamic nations unless there is a clear threat to our own security such as with Iran.. Militarily, we should “abstain” from pursuing “Freedom” (as we know it) which is not possible under Islam. Specifically, what should we now be doing in our dealing with Islam and Islamic nations? I believe the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan can never be successful in introducing “freedom” as we know it. We should leave and continue our humanitarian aid and help in the development of an educational system. Islam thrives on ignorance. We should do whatever is necessary to “defund” international jihad and the funding of Islamic jihad here at home. Develop our own energy resources as quickly as possible so that we can quickly reach the “favorable balance of trade” objectives. Our quotas for immigrants from Islamic nations should be zero. We should temporarily fund the relocation of some refugees to other Islamic nations.

Next, since the United Nations has become a platform for the Islamization of the world, we should remove all support from it and repudiate any and all treaties with it. What else should we be doing? Just as we must restore our credibility as a world power with good sense in our foreign relations, we must restore ourselves as a nation with the values that made us a great nation. Reject entitlements and embrace achievement and productivity. Reject political correctness and embrace open honesty. In becoming again a nation and people we can be proud of, we will at the same time become a nation and a people the world community will respect. Belated insights of this old man.

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