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Breaching the Political Correctness Bully Shield and Exposing the Black Marxist Islamic Duck

Murray T. Bass · Jun. 21, 2011

Whenever I have written an article or column and mentioned Political Correctness, I have gotten more reactions, mostly angry, about Political Correctness than about the topic of the piece. I’m taking that as a sign that I should address the subject of Political Correctness and what to do about it. It has permeated and saturated our society, our schools, homes, churches and businesses.

What is political correctness supposed to be? More important how does it actually work? My simple description is Political Correctness is a Bully Shield which is used to bully us into accepting ideas and programs that we would otherwise reject. A shield against our objections. Wikipedia’s definition (summarized) “The most common usage is a pejorative term used to refer to excessive deference to particular sensibilities at the expense of other considerations.” In other words, to obscure truth in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or offending them. In a recent article Professor Jonathon L. Katz, Professor of Physics at Washington University at St. Louis Missouri said of the idea that truth should be suppressed because it might cause harm, “This is a totalitarian impulse and is the root of political correctness.” He goes on to say,“A democracy depends on the widest possible dissemination of facts and the freest possible discussion of them.”

In society today, political correctness serves as a Bully Shield to prevent opposition to immoral, unnatural, illegal, un American anti faith, global warming fiction and other environmental fantasies. So that those ideas will be accepted as truths and the ideas become established as norms. The special interest groups who endorse those things are financial supporters Their groups are seen by politicians as so important to reelection that they can’t be offended They must be supported. If you are one of those supporters of the PC Bully Shield, don’t read on. You will be offended.

In my circle of (conservative) friends, discussions about Political Correctness are almost always angry. Here are a few examples. The term racist is widely used. We can’t stop illegal immigrants and ask for Identification because it is racial profiling. We can’t criticize our President who regularly violates his oath of office. He ignores the Constitution. He is spending us into bankruptcy. He has nationalize private industry. And he is supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s plan to make Islam the one system of government and law in the world. When I look at his policies and behavior an old saying comes to mind. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” In our President’s case , his talk, actions and policies tell me he is a Black, Marxist, Islamic Duck. If he weren’t black, he would have been brought to trial and impeached by now. My opinion. Then there is the whole array of unnatural sexual behavior. When I was young, that same behavior was called by a synonym of unnatural. Queer. Certainly more accurate than “Gay.” Our avoidance of the truth has now let our unnatural friends work their way into our schools on the untruth that they are a natural alternative to procreative sex, recruiting our vulnerable young kids. And into our churches no we can’t talk about Gay as unnatural. As a result the basic family unit our society has been built on is diminished. No, not gay. Personally, if folks want to live that way, that’s up to them. But, society should reject the idea that unnatural bowel sex is normal and natural.

Environmental extremists are fairly well represented by the Environmental Protection Agency. We can’t challenge things because by “protecting the environment” they are protecting us from our own misbehavior as determined by them. Global Warming or Climate Change. Out of this mess come incredibly stupid decisions and actions that defy all common sense. It’s like they are looking around and saying ,“What dumb thing can I do next?” Examples? The proposed Dairy cow flatulence fee. $175.00 per cow As if that would encourage the cow to pass less gas. The designation of carbon dioxide as a “greenhouse gas” when it is a fundamental link in the chain of the world animal and plant life. The engineers identifying puddles as waterways when they are hundreds of miles from flowing waters. Endangered species whose “protection” threatens the well being of humans. Leaving millions of acres of prime farmland fallow because of lack of water. Going two or three directions at the same time. In California, rationing water because of endangered smelt and refusing to build increased water storage that would make plenty of water available for everyone. Refusing because they don’t want to harm the historical nature of the landscape with dams. Cap and trade which has no real value except money. The whole global warming fraud which ignores the fact that these same warming and cooling cycles have been taking place for thousands of years without the influence of the burning of fossil fuels. Using food for fuel , ethanol, with no real energy benefit and subsidizing it by 51 cents a gallon.

Does the old movie expression ,“I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it any more” come to mind? Political correctness exists because we let it exist. How do we stop it? Just say no. Vote out the politicians who campaign on politically correct issues. Don’t buy merchandise from politically correct firms. Tell the government they can keep their mini fluorescent bulb (another EPA stupidity). Oppose Political Correctness anywhere and everywhere it appears. Demand truth. Insist on all Americans being treated equally. And all immigrants obey the laws. If government officials won’t enforce our laws put the officials in jail. Don’t let yourself be bullied anymore. Not easy? No, but you have to start somewhere to bring truth and sanity back to America Fight PCBS. That’s my opinion.

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