Grassroots Commentary

After New York

Kelly Bartlett · Jun. 27, 2011

After New York: what would happen if gays could marry in all 50 states?

The short answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing would change if gays had the legal right to marry in all 50 states. No new forms or laws or conventions. No colossal cultural shift. No sensitivity training needed.

How can we be so sure? Because gays already can marry in every state in the union. No one asks if you are heterosexual or homosexual when you apply for a license. In fact, there are very few limitations on marriage: age, relation, and gender.

“Gay marriage” as passed in New York last week does not refer to the right of gays to marry; they already have that right. Instead, gay marriage is all about the right to change the very definition and form and purpose of marriage. Gay marriage activists want us all to believe that gender is unimportant. Although biology tells us that men and women are different, gay marriage activists want us to ignore science and base our laws on feelings. Their argument is, “If the couple loves each other then they can marry, regardless of their gender.” However, for most folks, gender matters the most precisely when it comes to sex and marriage.

The danger with basing laws on feelings rather than science is that emotions are so subjective and ephemeral. As the divorce rate proves, feelings can change. Gender, not so fast.

Our legislature should deal with rights and wrongs, not love and disappointment. Do we truly want to pass laws based on what we want rather than what we do? What would our world be like if attraction takes precedent over actions? I really love those shoes, so I have the right to them.

When a baby is born everyone wants to know, “Is it a boy or a girl?” No one asks, “Is it gay or straight?” But gay marriage activists believe the second question trumps the first. They believe sexual attraction is more important than biology and they want to force others to adhere to their creed.

Children are the future of society; hence the marriage laws that protect the building blocks of life. No matter how much or how long two men love each other, they will never create children. Their feelings will never override their gender.

Gay marriage is a battle about the importance of gender.

Those that are unhappy with male and female genders ought to take that up with their Maker, their theory of evolution, or their doctor. Not with the legislature. They can change laws but they can’t change biology.

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