Grassroots Commentary

The Forty Fourth

Paul David Keefe · Jul. 7, 2011

He was born other worldly, a suspected African birth, he was born of a half black ancestry free from the blood line of those who suffered American slavery, Americas original sin. If this sounds like the mythological dressing of Christianity that is because it was intended to, and intended undoubtedly intended to by the mother of Barac Obama. The Christian mythic dressing itself smacks loudly of the unconscious mind, for as with our dreams, the unconscious mind uses concepts and symbols to both make a statement and impact the audience powerfully and impress significantly. Conceived out of wedlock, the story of the Virgin Mary and Joseph became complete with marriage six months before his birth. He would be the Messiah, she the Virgin Mother, all was now well with the world.

We do not know much the childhood of the historical Jesus, the one reference of his first visit to the temple at twelve is all, and we know from this that he had a scholars knowledge of Judaism, someone was teaching him, someone was prodding him on. We do know however, quite a bit about Baracs childhood. We know that his most important adult role models of his entire upbringing and therefore breeding, his mother, his maternal grandparents, and uncle Frank were all anti American, anti capitalists, pro socialist, pro global socialist personalities. We also know of his four years of pro Islamic breeding with step daddy Soetorro during his most impressionable years of six until ten. We know from his friends and alliances of his college days that he had become very knowledgeable, and very positive about socialism, someone had been teaching him, someone had been prodding him on.

We know from his church of twenty years that his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was but a buffoon dressed in Christian cloth because he railed and sermoned the antithesis of Christianity, hate and unforgiveness. What if not love and forgiveness did Jesus teach, forgiveness is the heart of Jesuses teachings, forgiveness was his message. From this we can deduce, Barac may claim to be a Christian, but he is not a Christian. Further, that he, being a politician in a predominately Christian and completely democratic culture, and in need of their votes, draws the eye of suspicion, activates the olfactory to a bad smell, and alerts the higher cerebrum to the contradiction and its consequential conundrum.

Barac Obama may have been swathed in the Christian mythological dressing, but he is no Messiah, he is not the savior of humanity. In fact, undressed of said dressing he shows himself to be the secular anti Christ, no less so than Mohamed showed himself to be the religious anti Christ. Socialism and Islam, the two concepts Barac shows himself to champion, the two concepts of his childhood breeding, are the purveyors of tyranny and poverty, and these two render the lowest quality of life for the greatest number of people. Contrarily, the three pillars of America culture, liberty, capitalism, and a constitutional republic, give the highest quality of life to the greatest number of people, and to destroy this is not the action or purview of the Messiah, but the purview of the secular anti Christ, the anti American.

The battle between the tyranny and poverty of socialism and Islam, and the liberty and wealth of America, is the biblical battle of Armageddon being fought right here in America today. The battle is of biblical proportions because to the victor go the spoils, and humanity lives in tyranny and poverty, or humanity lives in liberty and wealth.

Therefore it behooves all Americans, it behooves all conservatives, to awaken friend and foe alike, to the danger and consequences inherent in the Presidential administration of this the forty fourth, the anti American President. Let not the forty fourth serve two terms, let America vote a pro American into the Presidency, and let America be American again.

It's Right. It's Free.