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The Debt Ceiling-Deficit Game: Figures Lie Because Politicians Multiply Their Figures

Murray T. Bass · Jul. 11, 2011

If the definition of a lie is the intent to deceive, both the Democrats and Republicans are trying to fool us in a big way. They are taking almost nothing and multiplying it to make it look sensational. And we buy into the lies all the time. It has been an establishment joke. Sort of a gullibility test the American Public is passing with flying colors. Also a partisan contest to see who can tell the biggest lie the public will swallow. There is even a rumor going around Washington that the Democrats and Republicans are crafting a bipartisan plan called “Bridges to Hope and Change.” Under this program bridges will be sold to the American public in an amount equal to any deficit that is created. If you buy their numbers, you’ll probably buy their bridges.

The Republicans say “Look at what we’re proposing!” A deficit reduction of $2.5 TRILLION dollars. President Obama says, “That’s nothing. I’m proposing a reduction in the deficit of $3 TRILLION by cuts in Medicare and Social Security.” Great!! Terrific!!! With a projected annual deficit of about than $2 Trillion, we finally have things under control. Oh yeah?

The Republican cuts of $2.5 TRILLION are over a period of ten years. If my grammar school math is correct, that figures out to be only $250 billion a year for each of the 10 years. (I can’t believe I just said “only”) About 1/8th of the spending deficit. Mr. Obama’s one upsmanship of $3 TRILLION just happens to be over a period of 12 years. It, too, is only about $250 billion a year. So where does that leave us?

That leaves us with a continuing deficit of about $1.5 TRILLION a year. Using the Republican plan, our debt grows to about $30 TRILLION in the next decade. Roughly double what it is now Obama’s “solution” produces about the same result. Washington D.C. has become a financial LA LA land. The really discouraging thing is that these fools really believe that tossing exaggerated numbers around solves problems. The only problem it solves is getting rid of any barrier to their ability to overspend. The sickening thing to me is that they have been doing the same thing for years and getting away with it. They have taken us for fools because we have been just that. We haven’t paid attention. We have depended on our “Public Servants” who have been serving themselves. In the old West, the solution to political lies like this would be to “Get a rope.” The modern day equivalent is to ride them out of Washington on an election rail. Replace them with honest servants .

Neither party apparently has any interest in making real cuts in order to balance the budget. They are obviously using the multiplication tables to fool us into believing they are really doing their jobs. Lies, all lies.

So please, politicians, don’t ever tell me again how much you will be saving over the next decade, 12 years, century or thousand years. Show me the spending cuts that will give us a balanced budget now. Show me how you will save future generations of Americans from suffocating under the weight of debt. Debt created by your irresponsible spending. The traditional American family budget is built on spending money we have and can afford to spend.

As you can see, this really isn’t a partisan thing. The Republican “Establishment” is just as bad as the Democrat “Establishment.” The inflation from overspending and huge debt hurts all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. The suffocating debt will hurt the children and grandchildren of all Americans. Republicans and Democrats alike.

It’s not enough to blame the politicians. It’s partly our fault for letting it happen. Each of us should contact our representatives and the leadership of both parties in Washington. We should demand that they refuse to raise the debt limit. That they face the tough issues now while they can still be dealt with.

Unfortunately the folks in Washington have become isolated from the will of the people. They have insulated themselves from the realities of financial life. They will not listen. In turning a deaf ear, they will identify themselves as politicians who will have to go.

One final thing. In the past I would have said to myself, “Murray, who are you trying to kid? It will never happen. People don’t know or care enough to act.” I don’t believe that is true anymore. I have watched and been a small part of a new awakening. The internet and its social communications systems have provided the platform for informed action. People have begun to act and their momentum is growing. I don’t know whether we can make believers out of the partisan establishment. I don’t know if we can get them to change their attitudes and direction this year or on this issue. But what I am sure of is this. If they do not begin to respond to the will of the people and return America to its foundations as a republic under the Rule of law, there will be a trainload of election rails arriving in Washington to provide transportation out of town for the unwilling establishment. I’ll do my best to make t happen. How about you?

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