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Screwed, Blued and Tattooed

Murray T. Bass · Aug. 5, 2011

Yes, Cheated, Robbed and Beaten again. In his own way Boehner is worse than Pelosi. We knew what to expect from her. We had hoped for better from Boehner and got betrayed. Cheated robbed and beaten. We got debt without representation.

They didn’t listen to us. They never do. The Republican “establishment their PACs , the Democrats and the media are giving the Tea Party credit for something they didn’t do or get. Blowing "Victory Smoke” at the Tea Party members and supporters to make them float. A losing is winning trip. More lies and deceit. The Tea Party got nothing out of the “Deal” but ignored. Ignored. And, that’s no victory.

American taxpayers got nothing from the “Deal” but about $20,000.00 more debt each and the same lies and deceit. They just got ignored, too.

Getting mad and venting that anger does no good at all. We’re still on the same old toilet after we get it off our chests. As the old saying goes, “Don’t get mad, get even.”

Congress has done nothing to solve America’s problems. They have only created new ones and made the old ones worse. The debt “Deal” fiasco is only the latest. They have the reputation of being a do nothing Congress. We would indeed be lucky if that were true. Obamacare and the “Deal” are their achievements. Energy, immigration, environment, jobs. Nothing. The cost of Obamacare and the debt deal are almost beyond comprehension.

What should we do? What can we do?

We should do whatever we have to do to make sure they don’t do it to us again. There is an old saying that goes something like this. “If you do it to me once, shame n you. If you do it to me twice, shame on me.” Enough is too much.

How do we make sure they don’t Screw, Blue and Tattoo us again?“ Don’t give them the chance. As I see it, here are the steps we have to take to protect ourselves.

First, get organized. I don’t know about you, but every day I have been getting e-mails from at least 20 organizations who are trying to save different rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution or to restore original intent and the Rule of Law. Stop competing with each other. Form a coalition of these folks so that their activities are focused. Have one integrated plan. Weed out the groups that are "Good Guys” in name only.

Next, Identify the good guys and the bad guys. In this case, it’s pretty simple. The good guys voted against the phony debt deal. We’re just narrowing it down to the prime targets.

The bad guys voted for it. They are either pure partisan selfish politicians or too stupid to keep in office. My God. 2.4 trillion dollars. A yes vote tells us they did not represent the interests of our country and the will of its people.

Be patient and persistent. We don’t have to get rid of every bad guy at the first election. Elect a super majority of people’s candidates.

Next, build grassroots campaigns to get these people out of office. That would include but not be limited to:

Begin a search and find candidates. Look among those folks who have actively worked for American values. Do not look at any professional politicians. They have learned how to sell their souls to be elected.

Begin a PR campaign against each Bad Guy. Letters to the Editor. Op Ed pieces. Exposing voting records including the fact that they have only been rubber stamps to the party. On what issues did they vote against the people? Personal lives are fair game. Personal morality is a forecaster of professional and political morality.

Raise money for campaigns. Include a General type of PAC that supports candidates when support would make the difference in the outcome.

Have the good guys support the good candidates.

Use electronic communications to reach almost all Americans.

Begin the “Get out the Vote” work now. Contact every conservative voter or loyal American who has been turned off in the past and make them a part of the rebirth of America. Organize them or help them organize themselves.

Stop just preaching to the choir. Take our message to every voter in the country.

Include in our vision every political level as we go. Change the political landscape.

Find examples where citizens have taken their cities, counties, States back and use their strategies.

Build an internal communications system that will help build excitement and maintain momentum and enthusiasm.

March and rally in Washington. Keep a visible presence there.

Create a system of local militias.

Support the states in their fights to regain the powers given to them by the Constitution.

These are not things that have to be done in any kind of sequence. Many can be done simultaneously.

What can we do? Together, we can beat the Royal Political Establishment at the ballot box. Return to enumerated powers. We can restore the ability of Americans to create wealth by eliminating senseless over regulation. Define Commerce to that envisioned in original intent. We can keep our wealth at home and create millions of jobs by developing our own energy resources.

I’m sure that there are those who will say I’m crazy. They will say we can’t do all those things. We must reject all the politically correct reasons why these things can’t be done. So let’s just do them. We can regain our country and make it the shining example for the world to copy. But, we have to get up off our backsides and do it. We have to care enough to save America. It can be done. We did it once before 235 years ago. King Barack and his Royal Court of Democrats and the Republican loyal opposition have given us Debt without Representation.

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