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Hormones, Yes, Adrenalin, No: Finally Getting It Right

Murray T. Bass · Aug. 22, 2011

I’ve been pushed and pulled and shocked and threatened so much I just don’t have any adrenalin left. Time for hormones to kick in. I’ve sent money, and FAXs and signed petitions until I really don’t have anything left to give. I am emotionally drained. And that’s good. What we have been doing isn’t working and hasn’t worked. Time for hormones to kick in. My head has come out of the dark into the light. I finally can look at things rationally and see what really needs to be done. All that stuff I have sent and signed hasn’t done a bit of good. They have either completely ignored it or had a good laugh at my histrionics. Maybe some of both.

The time has come to stop trying to solve symptoms and deal with the real causes of our problems. The causes? A Marxist Socialist President supported by a Marxist Socialist “Rubber Stamp” Democrat Party. Unopposed by a gutless Republican Congress. A Congress that acts more like the loyal opposition than the peoples representatives. Politicians who do not honor their oaths of office. Politicians who are more interested in protecting their butts and their positions than doing their jobs and enforcing the Constitution. Yes, they got our FAXs, petitions and pleas and gave us a “To Hell with you” vote. There is no point in talking to people who refuse to listen. It is time to go for the throat.

There are a few exceptions among the Republicans. They are the ones who were principled enough to vote against the debt increase “deal.”

So I’m not sending FAXs, petitions or money to any Democrat or any Republican that voted for the “deal.” Voted to bankrupt our nation and burden our children and grandchildren with unserviceable debt. Instead I suggest we support every effort to kick their backsides out of Washington. If we could kick them out of the country, I would.

How can we do that?

Draw up indictments against Black Marxist Obama. Indictments for the Democratic Senate and House would be almost identical because Democrats have voted as rubber stamps. They have granted Black Marxist Obama almost everything he asked for. And the indictments for the establishment Republicans will be very similar. Even though many proposed legislation that looked good, they knew it had no chance of passing. In the end, they voted to support Black Marxist Obama’s programs. Just as the Democrats did. There is essentially no difference in rubber stamp Democrats and “Establishment Republicans.” The consequences and outcomes of their actions are identical.

Action? Campaign on the indictments. Make sure that every voting American gets copies of all indictments. Ads. E-mails. OP eds. News stories. Saturate America with the true bill indictments.

Provide alternatives. Find candidates who are willing to spend several years of their lives cleaning up Washington and implementing real solutions. Returning to the “Rule of Law” Enumerated Powers. Surplus budgets to pay down debt.

An important item in the indictment is the failure of all to act on a policy of energy independence. Build a plan for energy independence into campaign solutions to solve both energy and financial problems. Energy made in America. If we have to buy, get it from our friends in Canada.

Have every campaign emphasize the corruption and failure reflected in the indictments. Provide the positive solutions instead. Most of the positive solutions will be the same for all candidates.

I plan to focus my efforts in this way. I will recruit as many others as I can to mobilize registration and get out the vote activities now. Have those folks who have been protesting reach out to individual voters now. Bring those folks who have given up on the system back into the fold.

The benefits of a single unified approach to cleaning house in Washington are many. Cost is an important one. Every candidate doesn’t have to start from scratch. Candidates benefit from the uniformity of message. Every article about any candidate has the same message for every other candidate. They benefit from each other. Candidates with little money can use “standard” indictment and solution campaign materials. Campaign Consultants may complain about losing revenue. But as John Adams said of the Declaration of Independence, “This is a Revolution. We have to offend someone.”

The Democrats and “Establishment Republicans” will argue that they have “Brought home the bacon” Local projects. For some that may be persuasive. But in a real sense that is part of the indictment. By doing that, they have been spending money we don’t have. That kind of “service” is very much a part of the problem. Harry Reid says, “That’s why we’re here.” If that is why, they are there for the wrong reason and shouldn’t be there at all.

The time to begin is now. There will be a great temptation to be distracted by the selection of Presidential candidates. We can’t let that happen to the degree that we don’t campaign for Representatives and Senators effectively. Set up the Ballot Box Revolution now and have that revolution concentrate on building Super Majorities in the House and Senate People who support the Rule of Law, enumerated powers, opportunity rather than entitlement, minimum government and minimum regulations. We can work out the minor details as we develop. We can’t win with adrenalin. We can win with testosterone and estrogen applied to a plan built around the indictment of the Washington corrupt.

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