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To the Runners-up in Iowa: Time for a Game Changer

Tom Davis · Aug. 23, 2011

What leadership does the Republican Party have today? It has two striking and honorable women with the intelligence, morals, experience and fortitude to elevate the GOP back up to the leadership position it held under Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

The debate among eight contenders for the 2012 election, and 2 (or more) in the wings, did little to separate the potential leaders from the pack. All but Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty displayed at least a notion of the conservatism needed to unseat (If he is not impeached sooner) the uncontested winner for the title “Worst President in the History of the United States.”

There is absolutely no doubt that Sarah Palin brought vitality, charm, spontaneity and intelligence to the 2008 campaign. That, by the way was all that the old RINO, John McCain brought to that failed campaign. Michele Bachmann has done more of the same into the very early 2012 campaign. McCain’s hero status was never in doubt nor was that of “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson; but heroes do not necessarily a successful president make.

What Margaret Thatcher did for the Conservative Movement in Great Britain during her Eleven-year tenure as Prime Minister, two true American conservatives in the mold of Ronald Reagan, can do for The United States.

Governor Pawlenty did the smart thing; he withdrew. That leaves the other seven runners-up and one just declared (Rick Perry) and Sarah Palin. Rick Perry served as Al Gore’s campaign manager, fell hook, line and sinker for the Global Warming hoax and changed party affiliation when it seemed prudent to do so. Perry appears to take all the credit for those successes Texas has had during these tough economic times. Did he have a competent and intelligent legislature? I suspect he did. Therefore he only signed into law that which the legislature passed. Rick Perry, the man, has a monumental amount of baggage for which the Democrats will demand answers. He is reported to have serious marital problems, rumors about his sexual preferences, and a lackluster collegiate record at Texas A&M.

Newt Gingrich, too has considerable baggage which the Democrats can and will exploit to his detriment and that of the Republican Party. Herman Cain has no real conservative political base and no credible political experience and, this must be mentioned; much of America feels the experiment with Obama is a failure of a Black man to govern even moderately well, in fact, the polls reveal his ratings have fallen precipitously recently. That record, unfortunately rubs off on Mr. Cain.

In the Thursday debate, Rick Santorum showed an unacceptable level of arrogance and smarminess. His sole argument centered on the 10th Amendment and States Rights.

What or rather, with who are we left?

We have Congressman Paul and his perennial vexation with the Federal Reserve. He is an honorable man but he is Seventy-five years of age, somewhat long in the tooth to take on the burden of the presidency.

Since the Founding of this great nation by our Declaration of Independence from England in 1776, we have been led solely by men. Most were good, decent, honorable and at least marginally qualified. Despite the opposition of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, the women of America fought bravely and long for the right to vote. They were bitterly disappointed when the Fifteenth Amendment passed which gave black men the right to vote but failed to extend that right to women.

Ultimately, the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, ratified by the requisite number of states and signed into law on August 26, 1920. The Right to Vote obtained did little to assure women equal rights, a status not resolved to this very day. The following is a MUST read for all who have an interest in women’s rights.

Obama has already launched his campaign to continue his destruction of America. Only his impeachment or his defeat in 2012 will save our way of life from obliteration. I would prefer his impeachment. There is absolutely no reason why the Republican Party cannot preempt Obama’s nefarious plan for America.

I have a gut feeling and a sense of fairness and equality can and should be brought to bear in the 2012 election. It is long past the time when women in America should have received the recognition they so richly deserve. I propose that every male candidate withdraw and throw support to Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Somehow these two ladies will arrive at a logical and fair solution to the problem facing us all.

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