Grassroots Commentary

An Enemy Within

Anton D. Rehling · Sep. 15, 2011

In years past the citizens of this country have stepped up to the plate when our country was threatened; many gave by paying the ultimate price to secure that freedom for the future of this country. We now find ourselves in a struggle with an enemy within whose sole purpose is to accomplish what our enemies in the past could not accomplish with brute force, the destruction of our Free Republic to replace with a communistic socialist form of government that makes government powers unlimited.

The United States of America was the only country in the world where freedom and individual rights were the law of the land.

Over the last 100 years or so, those who viewed our form of government as bad for the common man have worked tirelessly to transform this nation from one that promotes individual responsibility and freedom to one that has half the population now looking to government for guidance, safety and their daily bread.

Our freedom and rights are being trampled by an administration that has turned the heat up from a simmer in previous administrations to the current Obama administration cooking our liberty away at a full boil.

Americans have always been slow to anger unless an event like Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 or Twin Towers, Pentagon and Pennsylvania on September 11 2001 moved us to retribution but the anger over this administrations attempt to transform us to a Marxist government is heating up to what could boil away any reluctance to take action as there will be nothing left to loose.

The past violations of our constitutional limits in government have been ignored by many as inconsequential and as long as we were able to continue what we perceived as a free life style with out tyrannical government interference; few complained, as we were all busy working toward the American dream and were secure in our feeling that our freedom could not and would not disappear.

That has all changed! Through unconstitutional government entitlement programs that created a large dependency and a deception supported by a Main Street Media propaganda machine a socialist has been elected into the highest office of our land.

FDR New Deal, LBJ Great Society, Jimmy Carters Community Reinvestment Act to name a few has dragged us to our entry into a second great depression, one that looks like it will dwarf the Great, government created, depression of the 1930’s.

This Great Depression we now find ourselves in was not created by free enterprise as the Obama administration et al wants us all to believe; it has been created by unconstitutional government programs that promote reliance on government benevolence.

The voting population in the United States of American now consist of almost half of the population dependant on government (tax payer) handouts to live from day to day. Our government now robs Peter to pay Paul and Paul votes for those who promise to continue to rob Peter to pay the Paul’s so those Paul’s in our country can continue to sit and watch Opra, Days of Our Lives on the boob tube and relax on that government created hammock while Main Stream Media fills them with socialist propaganda presented as factual news to assure them all that if not for government support they would be totally screwed by those millionaire and billionaires that wish to exploit and enslave them, thank god for benevolent government!

It is time to recognize the attack that is taking place against the liberty we have fought to create and preserve and to take action with the same boldness and bravery we displayed when we fought the tyranny of the Axis of WWII as well as all others that wished the demise of our Liberty and God granted Rights.

What most in this country are waiting for is a leader that will call what is happening to our Rights and Freedom what it is, with no sugar coating and fearlessly lead us back to the shinning city on the hill that is a beacon for freedom loving people around the world. But there are alas few in our government that can or will do that.

I believe if we all are looking for leaders that will fight to restore the Rule of Law and Constitutional limits we just need to look into the mirror and realize the person we see in that mirror is one of those leaders that needs to take action to preserve and restore our liberty; if you do nothing what you are looking at is nothing more than one in the governments herd of livestock used for the creation of government income to support an elite government population of the chosen and house its income generating peasants and I am afraid that is You.

It's Right. It's Free.