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Abortion, Intelligence and Liberals

Paul David Keefe · Oct. 6, 2011

Who among you shall cry for the innocent as said innocent is slaughtered and weeps from humanities heart? Not I said the Liberal. Who among you shall cheer for the longevity of murderers who have wrongfully taken human life but now feign innocence to keep society from doing to them what they so much more wrongly did to other humans? Yes, I will, said the liberal.

Liberals pride themselves on their superior intellect, which in turn suits their snooty, arrogant disposition as though tailor cut by the best tailor money could buy. I would like a liberal to enlighten me on how the murder of innocent developing human life is so easily justified, while a convicted murderer cannot be executed because of a sanctity of life issue. This sanctity of life issue, by the way, has been evolving in the liberal mind during the course of my adult life and is now more the fear of an innocent person being executed for another persons crime. Again I would like to know how a liberal justifies the murder of innocent developing human life in the womb, but can protect the life of a convicted murderer because he might be innocent. Does it escape their superior intelligence that all developing human life is 100% innocent.

Obviously, liberals could never be philosophers as their liberal philosophy violates logic, a necessity in philosophy. So why their disconnect with logic. Why does their clear as a cloudless sky, sky high intellect not fathom the great depths of their mysterious violation of logic.

Three answers, two specific, one general, seem to provide a possibly complete explanation to their discombobulated logic.

First and specifically, the liberal cowardice complex both allows for the murder of our innocent developing human offspring, and demands the defense of life for the murderers among us. As always with the liberal cowardice complex the goal is not to mature beyond, but to cover the painful and embarrassing cowardice complex and its ignoble manifestations so that it cannot be seen, not by the liberal himself, nor by anyone else peering upon said liberal. Further in the stead of this truth of reality, the liberal must materialize a proud and pleasing illusion that projects the exact opposite reality of courage and noblism. Once accomplished, all is well. Murderers elicit fear, fear elicits the liberal cowards cowardice complex, to avoid this cascading of events the liberal feigns courage and noblism by defending the right to life of murderers in prison. Unborn humans elicit no fear, they are not afforded this luxury, nor more importantly, given their due of personal sovereignty and the human right to life, they are expendable. Here, with this act of guile accomplished, the liberal can now hold his head high and proud instead of low and hung in shame. But the cheat, the act of guile comes at a price, as all deals with the devil do, and that price is paid for by the culture the liberal coward sloughs off upon his shirked responsibility to mature, and unbelievably that culture is his own.

Second and specifically, the liberal feminists, who are not really feminine but are reserved masculine. A sick process initiates from deep within, dark masculine elements of the female reach up and grab hold of these females with the intent of keeping them for himself. Among other realities, abortion becomes the ultimate rejection of the male biological counterpart, the unborn developing human in the womb pays the price and foots the bill, that bill is the unborns life.

These two specific and independent causes of cowards and feminists, that together form a violation of logic, come together in the liberal world by the never stated, but always followed rule of mutually independent liberals banding together for the common cause of the liberal mind illusion. It states, “I will pretend I believe your BS illusion you pretend you think is the truth of objective reality, if you will pretend you believe my BS illusion that I pretend I think is the truth of objective reality.

Third and in general, to see themselves as more intelligent than non liberals, while in reality possessing the same IQ, liberals must disconnect their higher hemispheres of reasoning, the cerebral cortex, from the lower two parts of the human triune brain, and in particular here the limbic system, now also known as the mammalian brain.

How easy it is for the high minded liberal to murder innocent, developing human life when the part of the human brain that makes us human in mammalian terms, allowing we humans to love our offspring is denied its existence, and is disconnected. Simply dehumanize the developing human by disconnecting with the mammalian brain, then use the big reasoning neocortex to rationalize the murder of the innocent unborn as a womans right to choose.

Lastly, liberals embrace the murder of our innocent offspring, while repudiating the execution of our murderers among us at the taxpayers expense, which as with all liberal programs follows the liberal golden rule of, "taxes from all, especially from the non liberal, to and only for liberal causes, for we know best, because we are the more intelligent.”

Patrick Henry said it best, “give me liberty or give me death.” Personally, I long for the promised land of liberty, free from liberal tyranny. Thank you.

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