Grassroots Commentary

Obama, Why He Lies, Lies and Lies

Tom Davis · Oct. 27, 2011

That is a good question related directly to Obama’s propensity for prevarication, particularly when his fibs are so overtly obvious. If he were a Christian, not of the Jeremiah Wright variety, he may have second thoughts about his tasteless conduct. Of course, Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama has never denied that he is still an adherent to Islam which quite commonly accepts, applauds and encourages lying (known as taqiyya) as a deceptive technique. Taqiyya translates to Dissimulation in English.

There are in excess of two-hundred substantive lies by Obama documented in the various media reports. He has lied repeatedly about his birth, his childhood and his young adulthood. Obama’s educational curriculum vitae is for the most part unsubstantiated.

If, as seems to be the case, Obama still clings to the Islam he so openly admires and to whose leaders he is openly obsequious, it is incumbent upon the Congress to launch an in-depth investigation to determine whether or not Obama is either qualified or an overt threat to our security.

The vetting process of both major political parties has failed miserably, those responsible at all levels suffer a catastrophic case of inertia.

All the Presidential candidates have stated categorically that Obama must be a one-termer, they have castigated Obama for his multiple failures and none has given him personally any real credit for his self-proclaimed spectacular accomplishments.

Obama has performed exactly like the front man for a carnival; he is the messiah of Islam and his adherents have been flexing their sideshow muscles in cities around the USA.

Obama, rather than staying in the Oval Office, meeting with Congress and doing the nation’s work, if he has any hidden talent in that arena; Obama is out campaigning on the peoples dime. He should be penalized for taking too much time off. Obama acts more like the emperor rather than the incompetent, lying, arrogant president he is.

As an old taxpaying, retired military man, Father, Grandfather and Great-grandfather, I am worn out writing, faxing, phoning and emailing my elected employees to do their jobs. I seldom, if ever receive a cogent reply to my well thought out messages. Congress by its lackluster performance is aiding and abetting an imposter occupying Our White House. Remove him yesterday!

The introduction of Articles of Impeachment will at the very least get Obama off the campaign trail.