Grassroots Commentary

Herman, and the MSM

Paul David Keefe · Nov. 3, 2011

I, as a republican have not jumped on the Cain band wagon. However, I must say that my first thought when confronted with this new story by the MSM, yet another hit piece, bringing to light the question of possible sexual malfeasance by Herman Cain upon two unknown females, from 25 years ago was that liberals cheat, and the man is probably being slandered. I am reminded of Sarah when she first hit the national spotlight, dozens and dozens of liberal MSM investigators went north and checked out every Alaskan orifice they could find hoping to dig up some dirt on her. This is typical liberalism at work here.

Cain is a conservative, Cain is a capitalist, therefore the liberal MSM must besmirch him in hopes of denying him his fair chance. Cain is also black, therefore in the eyes of the MSM, he is the sheep that has strayed from his place as part of the liberal flock, and again he must be demeaned for his errant ways.

I believe it is time for some fat cat, patriotic, mover and shaker to start a conservative MSM news service. For the one possible exception to the monopoly of the liberal MSM, Fox News, is really just milksop, and IMHO, O'Reilly is a buffoon, so full of opinionated fact that he angers those in search of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. His backing up of his opinionated fact with his big, tough guy persona is the joke that adds insult to injury. Sorry Bill, but you do not cut muster with me, and I suspect you do not cut muster with a lot of conservative Americans. It is high time for conservatives to have a MSM news station dedicated to the proposition that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is the choice wanted to be made, if only it existed.

For me Herman Cain is like Ron Paul, real good on one issue but that is all, not enough to sway me unless he becomes the NRCs Presidential candidate, then I pull the lever for him.

Liberalism is immaturity, democrats are insanity. The country our founding fathers sired and bequeathed unto we, their posterity, is under siege by the most virulent pathologem of all, the enemy from within. Should we ask the Pope for last rites? Should we separate out, away from the liberals and the democrats, and declare independence?

I suspect we all will just continue on as we are, now and forever, down this two sided, tug of war, road. On one side maturity and sanity, on the other side, immaturity and insanity. Ultimately, our frick and frack tug of war will serve as our motto, or our epithet, only time will tell. Thank you.

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