Grassroots Commentary

The Arab Autumn

Paul David Keefe · Dec. 8, 2011

Arab spring, ah yes the beauty, the sublime, and the glorification of all that is humanity at its pinnacle. If the future inhumanity towards humanity was not going to be so sky high the previous sentence could easily serve as a joke. But it is no joke.

Iran, whose great and good leader the Monarch Reza Pahlavi, the Shah, the man who gave Iran, through his white revolution, wealth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, was overthrown by Khomeini and his Islamic cut throats back in 1979. That was during Jimmy Carters Presidency. Jimmy was both a coward and a liberal democrat. Khomeini recognized the time to strike was then while Irans ally, the USA, would not offer Reza the help he so needed.

Thirty years later, Iran is becoming more and more an Islamic state of tyranny. Thirty years later Islamic Iran pursues the bomb. Unfortunately, Iran will now serve as the model to be emulated by the rising Islamics of both Egypt and Turkey.

Once again, it is while a liberal democrat is in the White House that Islam decides to strike. The closet Islamic, liberal democrat BHOs Presidency offers just the right amount of milquetoast American leadership for the movement of Islamic tyranny to be successful in its usurpation of Egypt, and of course all of NA.

Enter here the liberal love and encherishment of democracy. Democracy has been sanctified by liberals as being the most precious gift to humanity period. They are incapable of seeing democracy for what it is. In a culture that is free and fair, democracy is a drug given to the citizenry to placate said citizenry and therefore promote peace. In a free and fair culture the leadership achieved by democracy depends on the voters state of mind. Voters will be in one of two camps, matured and sane, or immature and insane. This translates that leadership will either be matured and sane or immature and insane, which in turns leads the culture in a good direction or in a bad direction. Therefore and ultimately, in a culture that is both free and fair, democracy is just better than no democracy.

However not all cultures are free and fair. In an Islamic culture of tyranny, democracy becomes a tool that serves as the means to the end of Islamic totalitarianism. Never will the powers that be of fundamental Islam lose an election born of democracy.

Islam as a movement was born of an inferiority complex and said complexs naturally arising emotion of hate. The natural poverty of the Saudi desert and its subsequent restriction upon economic growth, coupled with the more primitive polytheism still practiced by the Arabs of Mohameds time could not stand its own against the more successful economic growth of the monotheistic Christian and Jew neighbors. This scenario gave birth to Mohameds inferiority complex and its naturally arising emotion of hate which in turn drove Mohamed insane and his insanity concocted his new religion of monotheism, Islam.

The reasoning of Mohameds insanity is simple, conquer, submit and enslave all, hold all down below himself, and never would his inferiority complex be elicited, and never would he experience the painful emotions elicited by his inferiority complex. This insanity passes itself off as a religion, and further intends to conquer, submit and enslave the whole planet.

Tell this not to a liberal or a democrat. This is not what they want to see, for this is reality and a very dangerous reality. This reality would not sit well with their cowardice complex they failed to mature beyond. This would not sit well with their blind faith in the supremacy of democracy, that all is well if it has been graced by democracy.

The liberals and democrats falsely believe spring, the season of the birth of new life, has come to the Arab countries. They may as well believe that one day soon the lamb will lay with the lion because the nature of Islam is tyranny and tyranny stifles life not begins it anew. The season our liberal citizens and their democrat leaders have ushered in for the Arab countries is autumn. Autumn is the season of dying to be followed by the season of winter, the season of death, and if Islam is anything it is the death of the spirit of life, which itself is liberty, growth and the pursuit of happiness.

Strange it strikes me that liberalism is the secular side of, while Islam is the religious side of, the “coin of misery”. Liberals are socialist, and socialism is tyranny which begets poverty, which in turn begets misery. Islam is tyranny which begets poverty, which in turn begets misery. Perhaps the two are destined for one another, to one day wed their ideologies of tyranny and poverty, only to delude themselves of truth and reality, and ultimately, forever wallow in their unified land of misery. Thank you.

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