Grassroots Commentary

Who is Violating Whose Rights?

Tom Davis · Dec. 12, 2011

Christians are used to having idiots attempt to remove all semblance of Christ from any public space. Tim Tebow is a solid Christian, proud to display his Christianity in public. I applaud him. Those who would denigrate his beliefs as being out of place in a public venue fail abysmally to understand that the United States of America was founded upon an ethic far removed from the atheistic and homosexual lifestyle they embrace.

And who are these lowlife scumbags? They take their cue from the cretin unqualified leader of this great nation. Obama has made it perfectly clear that he has no creed consistent with that of most Americans. He pays homage to Islamic leaders, brags about his Muslim heritage and upbringing and is sickeningly nostalgic about his memories of the Muslim calls to prayer. He lies about the Muslim contributions to America (there are none) aside from death and destruction. He claims to have been a Christian in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s so-called Christian church. That is not a decent bona fide. Obama abandoned the National Day of Prayer, held a Muslim ceremony instead and then antithetically held a day of understanding with the leadership of the LGBT crowd, atheists all.

Is it any wonder our young people, with many exceptions, hesitate to proclaim their love of and belief in God, when scientists like Stephen Hawking, a self-proclaimed atheist, fails to recognize what is commonly called the Big Bang Theory or “Singularity” is in reality God’s demonstration of his infinite power. In a manner of speaking, God is Singular, omnipotent, indestructible, omniscient and forever. Of all the people who should be able to recognize the handiwork of God, well-educated men and women head the list.

History, custom and practice are absolute pointers to our Godly heritage. Those who denounce or diminish the notion that God is not our savior and protector should be prosecuted for violating the right to our freedom OF religion as America has accepted. That is why the Pilgrims came to America.

There is absolutely no reason for the tolerance being allowed those who flaunt God’s commands. For our nation’s highest legislative tribunal to remove such distasteful acts as Sodomy and Bestiality from the list of offenses in the Manual for the Uniform Code of Military Justice, is intolerable and will prove dreadfully destructive to the good order and discipline so vital to a military organization.

God’s Ten Commandments are not to be taken lightly; even a cult such as Islam decries the act of Sodomy worthy of a sentence of death. The bad actors in our federal government need to be identified, made public, ostracized and then when indicated, prosecuted and made examples of.

A few examples are in order. Representative Randall Cunningham, a much decorated Naval Pilot of the Vietnam War is lounging in prison for his numerous crimes.

Representative Charles Rangel was at least identified as a low life crook, received a slap on the wrist and was, unjustly allowed to retain his seat in Congress, receiving his grossly exaggerated stipend of $174,000 per year and is eligible for a tidy retirement package. This is another gross miscarriage of justice which also sends the message, “He is one of us and therefore under our protection which says simply, "Hey, Charlie, don’t get caught next time, we may not be able to protect you again.”

While Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi lied when she stated that she had never been briefed by the CIA regarding water boarding. Records disprove that lie by her and by Representative Rush Holt, Chair of the Special Committee on Intelligence. Both attended the same briefing as indicated by CIA records.

Representative Maxine Waters is under a House Ethics Committee investigation for her alleged attempts to aid for a troubled bank in which her husband owns stock.

Representative hank Johnson of Georgia demonstrated a monumental amount of downright stupidity when he asked Admiral Robert Willard if there was a danger of Guam tipping over due to a large influx of American troops. He is a lawmaker?

One tool available to Congress is the too infrequently use Impeachment. In our government’s history, only 19 individuals have been impeached in over two hundred years. Only two Presidents were impeached although President Nixon resigned under the threat of impeachment. Both Presidents impeached were Democrats. Johnson was badly treated simply because he would not kowtow to the Southern Democrats who wanted to halt reconstruction and overturn the Emancipation Proclamation. William Jefferson Clinton was a disgrace to the office, no matter how much he smiles and hobnobs with the power brokers in Washington. He will remain a rich lowlife.

History reveals that numerous other individuals have been so stupid as to come under civil scrutiny, been caught and tried for various crimes and resigned from office and or went to prison.

How do these overpaid bums, thieves, crooks, pretenders, liars and low lives get in and stay in office? By violating the rights of the American people as a nation. They seem to just wait us out and receive a pension, to large a pension for robbing us blind while they are supposed to be serving our cause and managing our very large business enterprise called the United States of America. This malfeasance can and must be stopped. How? Start sending and keep sending your personal petitions to Congress demanding the prosecution of every offender and then stop sending the blind with power bums back into office.

So folks, let’s all support the Tebows and heroes and combat veterans and rid ourselves of the do-nothing liars in our government. We could do well by Impeaching Obama, Holder, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Rush Holt for starters.

Call out every violator of your First Amendment Rights; you kids have every right to pray on the steps of the Supreme Court watched over by Moses. You do not have to move into the gutter to pray. This is your country. It does not belong to the atheists, the godless, and the misguided left or to Obama. It is yours! It is never too late for the good guys in the white hats to take over.