The Patriot Post® · More Gun Control Will Kill This Country

By John Longenecker ·

Many nations have fallen to corruption and Marxist takeovers, and most important, they have all had the very same conversations we are having now. They made the same mistake that we are making before your very eyes: that there is somehow two sides to the issue of freedom and on who must have the monopoly on all force.

In America, the people are the Sovereign, and we have the monopoly on all force here. We own and we operate the weapons from guns to the baton on the hip of a state trooper. We own the satellites, the aircraft, all platforms, and all assets right down to the freeways, parks and several college campuses.

How we are taken seriously is evident in how we forbid police choke holds, heavy aluminum flashlights or code three pursuits through neighborhoods as a matter of policy and get our wishes. Change occurs with involvement, and if we want to keep this custody, care and control of our servants and our assets in 2012, we’ll need to see the repeal of all gun control as a statement of their confidence in the people, their obeisance of the law, and as a recognition of who is the Sovereign. We will not see smaller government without these no matter who is elected president.

Many officials agree with this, most of whom are not candidates this year. In fact, some in Congress are affirming our rights at this very hour. Gun control is not only illegal, it is an expression of and a temptation of corruption.

For decades, gun owners have sensed a movement to goad American gun owners into some sort of violence. Smears of militias, national coverage of arrests, intentional disinformation and bulletins about gun owners (which information was returned by law enforcement to the source as being professionally inaccurate and counter to the law enforcement mission) all seem to try and whistle up unrest one way or another. Shortages will try and do this as will political decisions on issues and policies. Crackdowns may follow, each doing its small part to vex Americans.

But American gun owners won’t cooperate and will not be goaded. Do we really want more of this disrespect in 2012, or can we realistically look forward to smaller government and less corruption in 2012?

The thing about trying to goad 90 million gun owners into an ill-advised action is that it is now more unlikely with every passing day. This is because of four factors:

1. 90 million gun owners are keenly aware that there are more patriots in our government than liberals may believe, and they do not wish to goad Americans into starting something. This is not entirely due to the ‘gun lobby’, but due also to the integrity of many officials that we are not already overrun with gun bans and tyranny.

2. 90 million gun owners have too great a love of due process, and live by it whether they like it or not. This is a very important feature of character non-gun owners must appreciate as a shared value with gun owners. Perhaps it might be best for non-gun owners and gun owners to team up in 2012?? Hmm.

3. With due process, 90 million gun owners and other patriots have an intact legacy to hand down, which would not be possible if we were goaded into violence. That legacy is not only the law, but lives in the spirit of the liberty values, understanding of our sovereignty, our dedication and knowledge in self-rule, and faith in our system. Without these, independence means little, and it is these which gun control and centralization seek to destroy.

And then, there is this one: 4. Congress is taking a close look at the corruption that is gun control. We wish them good hunting.

Love due process and summon it. Understand that our liberty is so precious that it is worth almost everything including patience and personal involvement.

Gun owners and non-gun owners need to get together in the shared interests of being more independent of their public servants. In an ironic twist, there are many servants who will help you with this if you ask them.

Join my outreach model for this. Would you repeal gun control if it meant smaller government and less corruption?

John Longenecker is author of The CPR Corollary, his outreach for gun owners to non-gun owners for a smaller government in 2012.