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A Comment on Islam

Paul David Keefe · Jan. 4, 2012

Every boy or man knows the difference between being in love and loving. A man can love his wife without being “in love” with his wife. By the same measuring stick anyone is capable of hating without being “in hate.” I personally hate Islam.

I am an American. My country’s founding fathers did sort a few things out, among which is the love of liberty and the hate of tyranny. I personally agree with my country’s founding fathers, I love my liberty, but I hate the tyranny of others. In fact, if others of tyranny tried to force their tyranny on me, I would enter the state of hate, I would be “in hate” with them.

Of the two biggest tyrannical forces on the planet earth, the secular socialism, and the religious Islam, Islam takes the cake. Only a Joe Stalin or Kim Jung Il style communist socialism is equal to Islamic tyranny.

For those who may not be in the know, from my American founding fathers Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Today, the word men is understood to represent all people or all human beings.

Islam is not the pursuit of happiness but rather the pursuit of superiority. The goal of their pursuit is to placate their inferiority complex without doing the work to mature beyond it. Why pay the price of your want if you can make someone else pay the price of your want. The means to this end is tyranny.

Islam is the inferiority complex couple with its emotional associate of hate coming after every single human on the planet with the intent to conquer, submit and enslave all to their insanity. This is tyranny. Tyranny disavows the pursuit of happiness and life on the human level “is” the pursuit of happiness.

I believe Islam should be outlawed here in America. If I were God for a day, the first thing I would do is outlaw Islam. Islam is now a scourge of biblical proportions, and unfortunately the cowardice complex of the liberals here and abroad are in denial of the true meaning and intent of Islam, to conquer, submit and enslave all to their tyrannical insanity.

All humanity that chooses their unalienable right to pursue their happiness should awaken to the true meaning of Islam and stand up to them now while we are the power. For if we cannot stand up to them now while we are the power, how will we stand up to them later when they are the power.

Please consider this. We are all at risk of great peril, the peril of Islamic tyranny. Thank you.

PS Barac Hussein Obama is both a secular socialist and a religious Islamic, I call him the anti American Messiah, the pro Islamic- socialist Messiah. Re electing him in 2012 is, among other things, a denial of the snake in the grass danger of Islam, and that is ostrich policy.

Take a close look, they are invading America. They are now 10 million strong. They are the smallest minority but they have the greatest number of lawsuits against America and Americans. Everywhere they have invaded they have ruined. Please let us not allow them to ruin America. Thank you.

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