The Patriot Post® · A Man Called Horse & A Man Called President

By Adrien Nash ·

Almost everyone in this world is a member of a family/ group/ and nation. There are only two paths to becoming a member. One is the obvious means of becoming a member of a family, -one is born into it, but that also applies to nearly all groups and nations. Since time immemorial, groups/ societies have populated their group with their children. Their children are born as members because their parents are members. It is their natural inheritance. Their membership in the group is a natural membership. No laws exist that declare that to be the case because it is self-evident and is a natural human right. So it is with citizenship. There is no law by which natural American citizens have citizenship in the United States of America because no such law was ever needed. Laws were needed for those who were not born to group members (citizens), and those laws reflect the second means by which one can become a member of a clan/tribe/society/ and nation.

When outsiders wish to attach themselves to a group into which they were not born, there are certain pre-determined means by which to accomplish that. One could be via a payment, another via marriage into the group, another via an initiation process that must be successfully completed. All such means require that either rules/laws be fulfilled, or permission be obtained from the group leader(s). One example of that was depicted in a movie released in the 1970’s titled: “A Man Called Horse.” In it, Richard Harris played an English nobleman who spent time living among a Sioux tribe and fell in love with a Sioux maiden who he wished to marry.

Permission could not be granted unless he became a member of the tribe (via naturalization). To accomplish that he had to pass a number of tests or exercises, culminating it the most grueling test of all, -the Sun Vow initiation. It involved having long curved claws shoved/hooked through his pectoral muscles and then being pulled up off the ground via ropes attached to the hooks. He had to hang there for a torturous period of time, and after enduring all of that he was deemed to be a full member of the tribe.

Such a process high-lights the seriousness of ones commitment to their adopted group. Through such a process it can be assured that no future traitor would be willing to undergo the membership initiation. Treason is the worst crime that a person can commit against any family/clan/tribe or nation and its results are most often deadly. With the treason of Benedict Arnold still fresh in their minds, the authors of the presidential eligibility clause of the Constitution inserted a requirement that pertained to the President alone. That was because only he had martial authority as Commander-In-Chief of all federal forces, and if a traitor were elected President he could destroy the union with that power by surrendering to a foreign empire.

The authors of the Constitution trusted their own generation to not be traitors since they had endured the arduous dangers and sufferings of the war so their only requirement regarding citizenship was that any candidate for President had been a citizen when the Constitution was adopted, -whether or not they were born in America or born to American parents.

But for later generations they required that a candidate for the presidency must have been born with automatic membership in the American tribe. That membership is via only one of two principles. Either it is via birth to American parents or via birth within American borders. If one is the intended principle, then the other is irrelevant because there is only one principle by which one is a natural member of any group. That principle is the natural principle of being born into a group, -being a natural native member and not a member by permission.

In human groups, as in nature, the land on which one is born is irrelevant to the off-spring’s membership in their parents species/race/tribe or nation. A Jew is not deemed to not be Jewish simply because they weren’t born in Israel. One can say the same of any group or people. And the principle by which one is Jewish is the same principle by which one is a natural member of any group. They are born as members. That principle is the one adhered to by the authors of the Article 2, Clause 1 presidential eligibility requirements of the United States Constitution of Government.

Their requirement was that only natural American citizens could be the President and Commander-In-Chief. The President’s native country must be the United States. Among the Sioux nation, if one was not born to Sioux parents then one was not a natural member. Those who endured the initiation process became adopted members, but not natural members, and the Sioux Nation was not their native tribe (country). If ones father was an outsider who stayed among the tribe through the winter and then moved on, then that child was not a natural Sioux but was “a bastard”, -a hybrid, and their membership in the group was not natural membership because they were begotten by an outsider, an alien, a foreigner and not a native of the tribe. Being civilized, the tribe probably accepted such a child, though reluctantly. In other societies such a child might have been killed for being a “half-blood bastard.”

If a female outsider gave birth among the Sioux, her child would have been viewed as a foreign child of a foreign mother and father, -and not a member of the tribe regardless of it being born on Sioux land. Only natives give birth to natural natives.

Similarly, only Americans give birth to natural Americans. If one or both of one’s parents are not natives of the tribe/country where one is born, then one cannot be called a natural member of that group. Mixed parentage can never produce a natural off-spring or group member, anymore than a horse and a donkey can produce a natural horse or a natural donkey, but produce instead an unnatural mule (which is sterile). One’s native country, by definition, is that of the parents, -the land/nation of which they are members and are domiciled. If one is born while one’s mother was outside of her native land, it doesn’t alter the fact that such a one’s native country is still that of the parents.

This fundamental principle is complicated by parents with mixed nationality. Historically, if the mother lived with the foreign husband in his country, then their child would be viewed as a native of that country, -even if born elsewhere. But what is the native country of one born to a foreign father whose nation confers citizenship upon such a child even though born within the United States to an American woman? That may be an unanswerable question. But one thing is certain. Such a child possesses no natural membership in any group other than the human group. Its membership is via written law, not fundamental, unwritten natural law. Such a child can never be considered to be a natural American because that requires American parents. Just one parent won’t do. Consider the horse-&donkey off-spring, or an Orthodox Jew & Arab Muslim off-spring. Of which group is such a child a natural member? Answer: none.

Conversely, consider John McCain. What is his native country? It is America, -because he was born to American parents and thus was a natural American Citizen and declared to be such by a unanimous vote of the United States Senate. Where does that leave his contemporary who also co-sponsored the resolution that declared that having been born to American parents, John McCain was a “natural born Citizen” as required by the Constitution? That fellow Senator, knowing full well what was required to be considered a natural citizen, ran for and was elected to the office of the President, and by taking the oath of office to support, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, violated that oath by the mere act of taking it, trashed the Constitution by not protecting it from himself, and proceeded to throw out centuries of American law and civil rights via abrogation of contract law and imposition of an unconstitutional mandate that all Americans must engage in a commercial system of insurance against their will and wishes. It would be bad enough if such behavior was exhibited by a natural American citizen, but to have such travesties against the Constitution perpetrated by an illegitimate leader is almost something even a fiction writer couldn’t write. Unfortunately, fact is stranger and more threatening than any fiction.

The man called “horse” proved his loyalty to his adopted people via a grueling process, but our current ineligible President has proven nothing to the American people except his resemblance to the back end of the animal for which that naturalized Sioux member was named. His past records remain secret and sealed. His birth documents appear to be forgeries. Perhaps he has proven that he will do whatever needs to be done in order to effect the good that he erroneous assumes his policies will produce, along with proving his self-confessed laziness, -which his extensive golf escapes have shown, along with a total absence of any White House produced legislation package to cut the economy- hobbling federal bureaucratic regulations, or his failure to help institute new regulations to prevent the very same sort of national economic calamity that he blames on his predecessor (who was as clueless as he is). He has amply proven that he is unmotivated, unconcerned, and incapable to making the hard decisions that are needed to prevent America from barreling into the same inescapable swamp of debt that the Greeks find themselves in. Hopefully, all that he has proven, and failed to prove, will prove to be his consequential undoing after spending a billion dollars to illegitimately usurp the Presidency for a second time. Then he will rightfully no longer be a man called President.